Savor the city’s ‘Dine in Malden’ restaurant offerings

20140415_165507The Malden Restaurant Association’s marketing campaign, “Dine in Malden, Taste the World” which targets the MBTA’s Orange Line commuters, is hungry for an upgrade.

Food for thought? Not so fast.

While waiting at the Malden Center station, the sight of the vibrant sign conjured up visions of many multicultural cuisine options open for exploration. With my curiosity piqued, I typed the words into my phone and the first choice that came up was the City of Malden’s website.  It then directed me to a listing, in alphabetical order, of the numerous dining options one has, along with its appropriate website, for those establishments that have one.

The issue? Four of those listed on the site–Biryani Park, District 7 Pub, No. 9 Ale House and Nonni’s Pizza–are no longer in business … at least here in Malden.

However, I was excited to learn that Ferry Street Food & Drink, formerly the site of No. 9 Ale House, will be opening shortly.

Join me in the upcoming weeks as Neighborhood View’s restaurant correspondent. I will “Dine in Malden” and give you the lowdown on my experiences savoring the city’s multicultural food options. –Heather McDonald


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