Rebirth in Malden’s Forest Dale Cemetery

Once the 56-acre Pratt Hill farm, Forest dale Cemetery was purchased by the City of Malden in 1883. It is located at 152 Forest St. and extends north to Pine Banks Park.  It was landscaped by Boston Surveyor, P. F. Pane in 1884 in the picturesque style of cemetery form according to the historic records at Malden Public Library. –Elizabeth Scorsello with special thanks to Stephen Nedell, Local History Librarian                       Perhaps it was flowers that made me a painter. -Claude Monet Photography by Elizabeth Scorsello


‘Here Come the Brides’ exhibit at the MPL

Running of the brides? What’s old is new again at the historical “Here Come the Brides” exhibit at the Malden Public Library’s lower art gallery in the Converse Memorial Building. Curated by John Tramondozzi, the collection showcases wedding dresses dating back to Catherine Mahoney Walsh’s dress from 1883 to Nancy Mover Cohn’s gown from 1983. There is also a parade of photos and other memorabilia offering an intimate peek into the lives of the brides from Malden’s past. Exhibit runs Tuesdays 6-8 p.m., Wednesday 2-4 p.m. and Thursdays 10 a.m.-1 p.m. and 2-5 p.m. through July 3.


Trash talk about outsourcing Malden’s custodial jobs

The debate regarding the fate of Malden’s school custodians has fueled some local trash talk. Should the city outsource? Also, is it about cost cutting or actual poor performance by the school custodial staff? Yes, 28 jobs are on the line. More than half of those jobs belong to Malden residents. Eight belong to residents who live in communities adjacent to Malden with these city employees averaging 16 years of service. So why is the City of Malden contemplating outsourcing these 28 full-time jobs? At Neighborhood View, we sought to investigate what thinking went into the decision—making process to privatize these custodial jobs, by interviewing the union which represents the custodians and Mayor Gary Christenson for the city. Local 888 President Mark DelloRusso went on the record to give the union’s position on the subject. However, Mayor Gary Christenson’s office informed us, “Unfortunately, he is unable to be interviewed about the current situation with the custodians in the schools. Because negotiations are on-going, he can’t discuss any topic that could possibly affect that process.” DelloRusso […]