Mark Wahlberg mania at ‘Ted 2’ filming

MarkWahlberg_TED2“Ted 2,” the sequel to the widely successful Seth MacFarlane comedy about a talking teddy bear, filmed last week at the Malden Public Library. While details of the movie are kept secret, there was plenty of excitement on the street as crowds gathered, mostly trying to get a look at Mark Wahlberg or Amanda Seyfried.

Here’s the word from the made-in-Malden film set:

Ralph Balon, 21, commented on how “it’s crazy how Malden is becoming part of Hollywood now.” Nicole Blount, 22, “just hopes the movie is funny,” and she wants to see it. They both agree the first movie was funny.

Ted2_Malden1Nicole Oliver described the first film as “wicked funny” while Noelle Lafausi wishes Mila Kunis was in this one too because “she was really funny. I liked her.” However both Oliver and Lafusi agree that Mark is funny enough to hold his own.

Kourtney Malone also enjoyed the first one and found out about the filming from her sister who is a big Mark Wahlberg fan. They’ve been to Wahburgers as well, though Kourtney admits to being “More of a Donnie girl but Mark is a close second.”

Isaiah Clemons, 18: “It’s pretty exciting because we’ve never had a celebrity here before since I’ve been around. I think it’s a positive step for Malden and a good direction.” He’s also a Mark Wahlberg fan, “Makes me laugh all the time.”

Amanda Valenti, 18, and Krystiana DiMaro, 18, live just down the street. “We love Mark Wahlberg,” says Valenti and she wishes, “we could get in the movie and Hollywood. We’re on our way.”  –Amber Nowak

WAHLBERG MANIA: MATV youth member Josh Cronin (left) caught star Mark Wahlberg (cropped on right) exiting the library during last week’s shoot.

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