Malden High School principal gets new job

Dana Brown1Dana Brown, the principal at Malden High School, recently got a new position. Brown is now President of the Massachusetts Secondary School Administration Association (MSSAA).

The MSSAA is an association representing middle and high school assistant principals and principals across Massachusetts. In his new role, Brown will be helping set the agenda for the school year and also represent the MSSAA in group meetings and conventions.

He will still be the principal at Malden High School while being part of the Massachusetts Secondary School Administration Association.

The MSSAA advocates for faculty and students at the state level. The MSSAA will often meet with the Commissioner of Education and sometimes the Secretary of Education for Massachusetts. The focus this year for the group will be social and emotional health of the students specifically covering mental health.

Dana Brown2

Brown waited his turn through the cabinet structure that was in place. The structure was third vice president followed by second vice president after president elect then finally president. Dana Brown worked his way up the ladder to become the president in the MSSAA.

What Brown will take away from this position is that he will learn from his colleagues, have a network of colleagues and gain ideas to see if there are better ways to do his work at Malden High School.

Recently he has been asking the city of Malden what does the MSSAA stand for and here is what the people had to say. At the end of the video the principal finally reveals to the people of Malden what the acronym stands for and what it means. –Dimitry Legagneur

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