Solup’s Shoe Case’s legacy lingers in Malden

IMG_Solup's outside

After 50 years of selling shoes at 130 Pleasant St., Solup’s Shoe Case has closed its doors.  People came from far and wide to purchase from the large variety of shoes and receive quality shoe repair.  In a time of inferior, mass-produced products, Herb and Faye Solup offered shoes from high-grade companies to adults and children.  Herb was known for taking pride in his products and readily sharing his knowledge.  He took the time to make sure the shoes fit properly and helped the client choose a shoe that would work for their individual needs.  He cared about his customers and the shoes that he sold.

Five storefronts at 130 Pleasant St. are now vacant to make room for luxury apartments.  Solup’s Shoe Case and Firmani the Tailor were businesses that gave over 100 years of excellent service to the citizens of Malden.  Maybe we, the citizenry have to ask ourselves: What kind of Malden do we want?

IMG_Solup's Goodbye sign

-Elizabeth Scorsello with a special thanks to Cath Moore

Photography Copyright Elizabeth Scorsello 2014

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