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Poetry and visual art collide for ‘Lines Connecting Lines’ exhibit

What happens when you hand an artist a poem and ask them to make a visual representation of it?

Kylie Garcia interviews Justin Shatraw

Justin Shatraw, the man behind the poem “Fastened,” chats with Kylie Garcia from MATV’s Neighborhood View.

“Lines Connecting Lines,” the new art exhibit at MATV, ventures to find out. Officially launched March 26, the exhibit will run through the end of April. It features the work of local poets paired with artistic interpretations made by local visual artists.

“This is very inspiring because you ask 10 artists a question and you come up with 10 different answers, like anybody else. It’s the way you render it and the way that you want to visualize it,” poet and visual artist, Jason Parris Fitz-Gerald shared.

Curated by Lisa L. Sears and partially funded by the Malden Cultural Council, the purpose of the exhibit is to encourage art in the Malden community. What they may not have expected is the many connections, old and new, that the exhibit has sparked.

Check out the video below to find out who reconnected with an old childhood friend and hear other serendipitous stories resulting from this community art project.

About kyliegailgarcia (6 Articles)
Kylie Garcia is an American journalist who has covered stories in both written and visual media formats.

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