Boda Borg interactive quest sensation to occupy Sparks building

Enter a building with a maze of hallways and an array of doors. You have no idea what challenges lie behind each door and no instructions in regards to how to master these quests. This is the Swedish interactive quest sensation known as Boda Borg and, believe it or not, it is coming to Malden. Expected as early as this summer, Boda Borg will occupy the old Sparks department store building located on Pleasant Street in Malden. It will be a facility that houses about 18 quests, the first U.S. location. Ready to learn more about the challenges offered by Boda Borg? Take a look at this video of Neighborhood View reporter Kylie Garcia’s recent chat with Chad Ellis of Boda Borg.


Malden Square’s 480 Main offers posh city living

The newest kid on the block? 480 Main, the apartment complex across from the Malden Public Library, opened its doors to Neighborhood View for a behind-the-scenes sneak peek. 480 Main offers city living at its best, replete with “sleek counter tops and cabinets, open floor plans, designer quality finishes, high ceilings and extraordinary telecommunications options in each home,” says Chris Todd from Priderock Capital Partners. Why did Priderock break ground here? “Malden is a great example of a city that is on the rise, re-making itself into a coveted, unique location with a presence and life independent of Boston for its residents but still readily accessible to all parts of the greater Boston area,” Todd continues. Of course, 480 Main was stymied a bit by the city’s snowiest February on record. “The past winter was certainly one of the most difficult times to build that we have seen in more than 20 years of developing in the Boston area,” Todd explains. “Nine feet of snow, limited access and weeks of freezing temperatures aren’t reasons to […]


Malden Sketch Group celebrates 20 years of sketching

When committees make decisions on the dispersal of grant money, there is always the hope that this little bit of money will lead to some greater good for the community. Who could ever have predicted that a little grant given to the Malden Sketch Group 20 years ago would have led to one of the longest lasting drawing groups in the whole Boston area? Nunzio Luca was there at the very beginning. Fred Seager, also one of the founders remembers, “I had a great deal of respect for him and consider him as a mentor. He was a much admired head of the Malden High School Art Department for years, and was a wonderful artist and good friend.” Nunzio and Fred decided to get a life drawing group together and they set out to find a space. “We were fortunate also to have the early support of the Malden Arts Council in the grant process, Niecie Degan and Nana Goldberg were facilitators of the cultural center building, an old fire station on Pearl Street. It […]


PHOTOS: Malden Public Library’s ‘Secrets in the Stacks’ event

A lucky group of 20 Malden residents got a special tour of the Malden Public Library’s central stacks and rare books room as part of the 2015 Malden Reads event, “Secrets in the Stacks.” Malden Public Library’s director Dora St. Martin and assistant director Caron Guigli led the tour. Participants had a chance to see and learn and explore the vast collection of treasures the library stack! The tour started at the lower art gallery of the Converse Memorial building, were rare treasures were displayed for participants to see and explore. They were serious when they said . . . . . . attendees must be in good physical condition and be able to climb ladders! Our tour guide, “the librarian,” led us through the stacks, pointing out rare book dating back to 1885, the year the library was built, various tools and systems that had been used for the borrowing flow and creative materials used in library construction .,. the amazing glass floors. –Elena Martinez