ABCD offers fuel assistance program to Malden residents

fuelassistanceThe state and federal governments have asked Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) to step in and provide critically needed services to thousands of low- and moderate-income families in the Mystic Valley area.

ABCD will serve 10 cities and towns in thearea including Malden.

John J. Drew, President/CEO, Action for Boston Community Development, says that through the agency’s Mystic Valley Area Opportunity Center, ABCD is working closely with residents and community groups to provide the services and opportunities that low- and moderate-income children, families, and seniors in Mystic Valley towns need to meet basic needs and move forward with their lives, especially with winter weather approaching.

“Many people are struggling to make ends meet, and ABCD is mobilizing resources and providing basic services for the Mystic Valley area’s low-income residents,” he says. “We have been on the ground with Fuel Assistance, Housing Services & Homelessness Assistance and Head Start for almost a year now. We want to reach out and make sure people in need in this region know that ABCD is here to help them.”

With winter cold around the corner, Drew urges low and moderate-income residents of Malden to fill out applications for the fuel assistance program. ABCD provided fuel assistance in this area last winter, helping more than 6,000 families with heating needs in a bitter cold, blizzard-battered winter.

Fuel assistance applicants can call 781-322-6284 for information or go to the ABCD Mystic Valley Area Opportunity Center at 110 Pleasant Street, third floor in Malden, to fill out an application.

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