Re-envisioning community media in Malden

Sue-Buske-Focus-Group-LeaderGREYSue Buske, a consultant for MATV and the City of Malden, gave an information-sharing presentation on community media centers across the country that incorporate the arts, art resources and nonprofit collaboratives. Buske, an experienced negotiator specializing in cable regulation and renewals, is looking at opportunities to re-envision the future of community media in Malden.

Seeking community engagement, Buske is spearheading several focus groups to explore the future of cable service, community media and technology. The four focus groups will be held March 1-2 at various locations in Malden.

These focus groups are part of the city of Malden and Malden Access TV’s cable franchise renewal process with Comcast. They provide a chance for interested community members to learn about franchise renewal and share their opinions about future services that could be available to the community through the Comcast cable system.

By participating in the focus groups, community members can learn how the cable system works — and opportunities for the future; hear more about community media and public, educational and government access television in Malden; see examples of how schools, community organizations, local government and businesses throughout the country are using modern media technology to communicate, educate and distribute information in this digital age; and provide their own ideas through brainstorming and completing a questionnaire.

The focus groups will be conducted by The Buske Group, a consulting firm assisting the MATV and the city during the cable franchise renewal process. In addition to the focus groups, residents will be able to provide feedback through telephone surveys and online surveys in the coming months.

The focus groups are free of charge, and refreshments will be served.

People interested in attending should select the one that is most appropriate or convenient (even if the focus group is not their constituency) and RSVP online by visiting

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