“What’s New? Malden” TV show launches in April

TheMartian (1)MATV’s Neighborhood View is producing the pilot for a new 30-minute magazine-style TV show called “What’s New? Malden.”

Hosted by Sam Baltrusis, coordinator of MATV’s Neighborhood View, the monthly program will showcase Malden’s new restaurants, cutting-edge businesses and positive news emerging from the city.

Whether we like or not, Malden is changing. This monthly program will shine a spotlight on the city’s evolving landscape and will highlight the events and players responsible for Malden’s growth.

First stop? El Potro on Highland Avenue.

Here’s a sneak peek of Ming’s Seafood Restaurant on Pleasant Street and an interview with Jodie Zalk from Malden Reads. Zalk navigates the many events slotted for the “One City, One Book” program in April.

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