SEBIO featured on “Release The Sounds”

sebioIt’s a new month, which means Release the Sounds is featuring a new local band. For May, we have SEBIO in our studio.

SEBIO (SEE-be-oh) is a four-piece band that has been together for just over a year but they sound like they’ve been together since high school. Stephan Nordgren is the driving force behind the currently-available EP, In Hardwood Groves, writing and playing the instruments in the recordings.

James F. Forbes, the guitarist, met and connected with Stephan in a Craigslist transaction that went very right for once (details in the episode). James brought bassist, Erica Belden, and drummer, Brett Pieper, into the mix to round out the performing lineup.

Their atmospheric and driving set takes us on a continuous journey of peaks and valleys which finally concludes with a chugging, anthemic climax.

The chemistry of the band is undeniable on stage and off. We find out more about them in a fun curbside interview in the May edition of Release the Sounds.

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Up next for SEBIO is some quality time writing and recording. Forbes has revealed, “This new song we are working on rocks so f***ing hard.”

We look forward to seeing what they have up their sleeves. –Andrew Choy

Here’s the “Release the Sounds” episode featuring SEBIO:

You can also see SEBIO live in June when they will be playing The Middle East Downstairs HERE.

More about SEBIO on Bandcamp HERE and Facebook HERE.

Andrew Choy is Director and Associate Producer of Release the Sounds produced at MATV.

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