“Inside Malden” interviews musician Peter Moore

When asked what a song about Malden would be, singer songwriter, producer, performer Peter Moore gave the perfect answer, “It depends on who asks for it.”

Peter Moore is as versatile, creative, edgy, and adaptive as artists get… able to bend styles, experiment with sound, inject quirks, and apply variety to the need. He intrigues listeners whether singing on stage with Blue Man Group or performing with his current rock band Count Zero, producing a kickstarter-funded rock opera, Heterotopia, writing songs that were picked up by video games such as Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero, or songs like Hire a Bird that rail against the destruction of the earth and reach the Top 500 Songs of All Time on Boston radio station WFNX. There is no doubt, Peter Moore could provide a number of songs for Malden in styles to suit our colorful demographic makeup and sensibilities.

Peter Moore
Peter Moore, Composer, Performer, Producer

His voracious creativity and addiction to keeping himself and the audience curious and intrigued is what keeps him out of any one category. Yes, he writes pop songs; yes, he sounds like Jim Morrison when he wants to; yes, he likes singing with a pen in his mouth because it gives his voice an interesting sound; yes, he was classically trained and composes in the classical style; yes, he can pull together a very cool dramatic rendering of a video like the My Mockingbird clip below, and yes, to many more examples of his own brand of creativity that pushes the edges of category and delightfully puzzles his fans and collaborators, leaving us all to echo the words of Heterotopia mastermind Lainey Schooltree, who says of Peter Moore,

I’m confounded by the fact that Peter Moore exists, let alone his proximal advantages….He’s shepherded this album with incredible skill, care, and regard and is responsible for the successful actualization of this recording project, bringing it to a level I wasn’t aware was possible.

Lainey Schooltree

Moore says of his work that he looks for “the things that need to be talked about,” but he doesn’t like “talking about things that have already been talked about.” The message that comes across is always new, edgy, thought-provoking, with a twist that refreshes the familiar and confounds the “same old.”

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