Malden and Everett tackle the trail together

Two neighboring communities connected by the Northern Strand Trail joined forces to clear overgrown brush and overblown trash for their Earth Day efforts on April 23. Over 100 people from  Malden and Everett gathered under stormy skies.  Tee shirts were handed out as people signed in.  Spirits were high as progress was observed and tallied.   Check out this video of the cleanup:  Everett Access TV video of the Everett cleanup   The Friends of the Malden River revived a previously constructed rain garden at the Everett end of the Northern Strand Trail. Walk or ride to the Everett trail head of the Northern Strand Trail to learn about the benefits of rain gardens and to see the beauty of natural ways to keep our rivers clean. (Photo by Clay Larson of Groundwork Somerville and Bike to the Sea Organization). Actions speak loudly:  Every day is clean up day for Malden Mayor Gary Christenson, who routinely picks up litter in his travels through Malden.  (Mark Micheli Photo) Mayor Carlo DeMaria of Everett stated, “I would like to thank […]


Malden High probes social issues in original play

MATV is now running the full-length recording of the original play performed by Malden High School Play Production for the Massachusetts State Dramafest held in February-March 2016. The group advanced past the preliminary round in the competitive festival, which brings together students from across the state who are involved in theater. You can watch a few clips from the show below and see the whole production through MATV’s video-on-demand. Viewer discretion is advised. The following article was written by Nada Tufaha  for Malden High School’s news source, the Blue & Gold.  Malden High School Play Production held a show on Feb. 25, 2016 called “All The King’s Actors”. This show was entered in the Theatre Guild’s High School Dramatic Festival competition. The requirements for the festival include presenting a show that is under 40 minutes and a set up for a set in under 5 minutes. “All The King’s Actors” was based off of the specific quote “the heart wants what it wants, but it does not care.” The show had many examples of modern […]


SEBIO featured on “Release The Sounds”

It’s a new month, which means Release the Sounds is featuring a new local band. For May, we have SEBIO in our studio. SEBIO (SEE-be-oh) is a four-piece band that has been together for just over a year but they sound like they’ve been together since high school. Stephan Nordgren is the driving force behind the currently-available EP, In Hardwood Groves, writing and playing the instruments in the recordings. James F. Forbes, the guitarist, met and connected with Stephan in a Craigslist transaction that went very right for once (details in the episode). James brought bassist, Erica Belden, and drummer, Brett Pieper, into the mix to round out the performing lineup. Their atmospheric and driving set takes us on a continuous journey of peaks and valleys which finally concludes with a chugging, anthemic climax. The chemistry of the band is undeniable on stage and off. We find out more about them in a fun curbside interview in the May edition of Release the Sounds. Up next for SEBIO is some quality time writing and recording. […]


Trail of Gears: Winslow’s journey to bike to the sea

The Pacific Ocean loomed just over the Santa Cruz Mountains about thirty miles away in California. Growing up in San Jose, Steve Winslow yearned to ride over the mountains to the coastline, but it never happened.  Later in 1989,  as a married couple, Helen and Steve Winslow moved from the bicycling nirvana of Davis, California to Malden as a most convenient place to commute to work in Boston.  Winslow recalls, “I remember trying to bike up Washington Street to Melrose and it was horrible.” The Winslows were appalled by the local horrendous biking conditions and the resulting lack of cyclists. It was time for change in their new community. Winslow explored the abandoned railroad bed running through Malden.  He followed it to where he could smell the salt marshes of Revere. Winslow reflects,“We are really close to the ocean and wouldn’t it be great to bike to the beach!” This would be such an easy and fun ride with a total elevation of 108 feet. But, the virtual challenging mountains of Malden, Everett, Saugus and […]