IN MALDEN FOR GOOD: Do you remember the Malden Sun-Times?

In 1980, the Malden Sun-Times shut its doors after seven years of being one of the premier weekly papers serving the city.

After rummaging through old collections, MATV Executive Director Ron Cox came upon a treasure-trove of old issues of the paper spanning from 1973 to 1978. As you look through the front-page headlines, stories of a Malden that once was seem to show a city dealing with some of the same issues of today: drugs, development, and matters of political inclusion.

What is of particular interest is the style in which the paper is written: in many ways, the words breath the emotions most likely held by the readers of the Malden Sun-Times.

Take a look at a selection of these issues from Cox’s collection: Do you remember when the City Council wanted people to shovel their own sidewalks? Or, when they banned self-service gas stations?

Tell us what you remember. Were you ever effected by any of these issues? Do you remember when you appeared in the paper, or what your favorite story was?

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