Cameroonian artist presents “Celebration”

By Anne D’Urso-Rose Cameroon-born artist Efon Elad knows adversity. But, like the manner of folks in his native country, he chooses to approach life as a celebration. Not only life passages, but daily rituals, ordinary moments, scenes of beauty and terror, songs and stories inspire in him a sense of gratitude and jubilation. Many of the paintings in an exhibit now on view at the MATV Gallery, located at Malden’s Media Center, depict moments of life in Cameroon and West Africa where the artist has lived and travelled as a youth. Other paintings are inspired by songs or Biblical stories, which have captivated his imagination. Still others depict places in his adopted homeland in the Boston area, where he has lived for over 30 years, as well as other places that exist only in his mind or memory. Well-educated in his native Cameroon, Elad is fluent in English, French and five African languages and is a lover of literature. His career began in telecommunications at a time when telegrams and Morse code were his specialty. A lost […]


Brick by brick, “The Beast That Ate Pleasant Street” is demolished

With the sound of crashing bricks and breaking glass, the demolition of the former Malden Government Center and police station continues this summer. Bit by bit, the structure at 200 Pleasant Street is coming down for a new mixed-use development. A short video by Neil D. Novello, “When the Crews Arrive,” captures the sight and sounds of a truck and crane pulling away the facade of the 1970s-era structure like the claw of a hungry dinosaur digging for food. The demolition is schedule to continue through the end of August. The demolition of the building first hailed as an architectural achievement and then dubbed “The Beast that Ate Pleasant Street,” will re-connect the two ends of Pleasant Street and provide access to the MBTA Station at Malden Center. According to the Malden Redevelopment Authority, the new “Jefferson at Malden Center” will have “320 residential units in two buildings, a 45,000-square-foot office condominium shell (to be built out by the City for a new city hall), more than 22,500 square feet of ground floor retail and approximately 330 […]