Video documents “Malden Unites Against Hate” rally

On Thursday, August 17, Malden community members gathered at Malden High School for an interfaith vigil and peaceful demonstration entitled “Malden Unites Against Hate,” in response to the preceding week’s rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and other acts of violence and hatred occurring throughout the country.

Hundreds turned out for the event, which began with a “Solidarity Standout” and group chants in front of the high school. It then featured a diverse range of speakers in the high school courtyard, ending with a “water cleansing ceremony” to release messages of fear and hope in a pool of water.

The key community organizers of the event were Nichole Mossalam, Fern Remedi-Brown, Amanda Ceide and Lori Ardai. The speaking portion was hosted by Nichole Mossalam. Below is a 2-minute preview video from MATV, Malden’s Media Center.

All photos by Greg Cook. Video footage recorded by Joe Gray and Ose Schwab, and edited by Neil Novello for MATV, Malden’s Media Center.

To see the one-hour edited version of the event, including all the speakers, click here.

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