City hosts E-Vehicle Fair and Sustainability Forum

Residents explored electric vehicles at the E-Vehicle fair outside the Beebe School and First Parish Church on March 21. Officials, locals, and a representative from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation gathered at the sustainability forum to discuss transportation initiatives afterward. Organized by City Councillor-at-Large Stephen Winslow, the event hoped to initiate a “cycle of change” towards further environmental conservation in Malden. View the news video below for more information. This video was produced and edited by Diti Kohli.


City Council approves proposals for use of Community Preservation Fund

By Diti Kohli The City Council approved all eight grant applications for town projects authored by the Community Preservation Committee, or CPC, at the City Council meeting on March 19. Hundreds of thousands of dollars, $637,549 to be exact, will aid the improvement and preservation of Malden’s recreational areas. The largest grants benefitted the fields outside of the Salemwood School known as Roosevelt Park ($250,000), followed by Fellsmere Park ($75,000), the Malden Community Garden ($63,022), Trafton Park ($45,000), pocket parks in Malden Artline ($40,643), and the High Rock Memorial Park ($5,300). More than $4,000 will aid the restoration of the original plaque on Malden’s World War I Memorial and finance the addition of two bronze plaques with the names of more veterans. The Malden Public Library will use $154,364 of grant funding to restore and rehabilitate its archives. Part of this money will fund the library’s historical photograph and artwork display, as well as the digitization of town records dating back to 1600. CPC chairman Julianne Orsino beamed in the back row of the Markey Senior […]


Officials denounce sexual and gender-based violence at “Stand With Us” event

By Diti Kohli City and court officials gathered on the sunlit steps of the Malden District Court on March 19, proudly adorned with petite white ribbons, to denounce domestic and sexual violence. Through a clamored array of “I do’s” and nods, each official pledged to use their position to prevent these crimes and bring justice to victims.   “We promise to be part of the solution in ending violence against women and all gender-based violence,” said Mayor Gary Christenson in a statement he read to the crowd. The “Stand With Us” event coincided with the annual state-wide White Ribbon campaign, pioneered by Jane Doe Inc., Massachusetts’ coalition against sexual violence and domestic abuse. It aims to involve men in the unending fight against violence. Malden’s Department of Community Outreach and individuals within the district court worked collaboratively to organize Tuesday’s event. Mayor Christenson and the City of Malden advertised the gathering on Twitter in an effort to rally residents to participate in the pledge alongside authorities. However, no outside individuals attended. In a conversation on […]


AAAW hosts International Women’s Day in Malden

By Jennifer McClain There were discussions of equality and income disparities. And there was also fun, celebration and dancing, specifically displaying the beauty of the Arabic culture. This was the 7th Annual International Women’s Day 2019 event hosted by the American Association for Arab Women (AAAW) on March 16 at the Malden Senior Community Center. The event was attended by about 60 people, a diverse crowd representing many different cultures. A number of Malden’s political leaders were in attendance. AAAW President Souad Akib welcomed attendees first by calling for a moment of silence and then reading from the Koran to honor those lost in the recent tragedy in New Zealand. She then launched into a call to action in honor of International Women’s Day, reciting a list of what should be done and how you can do it. “We need to make sure women are treated with respect in the workplace,” Akib said. She went on to describe how it could be accomplished: “If you are a hiring manager, interview as many women as you […]


Davenport Memorial Home serves seniors and keeps the past alive

Story by Diti Kohli After stepping into the Davenport Memorial Home, guests are greeted by smiling porpoises laid into the tile on the floor of the entrance and an intricate red rug in the foyer. Decades-old A.H. Davenport Company furniture and antiques furnish every visible corner of the building. Nestled prominently between the public library and the high school, the Salem Street mansion does not hide from Malden residents. But the senior living facility’s brick exterior and perfectly manicured lawn do not attract questions from locals. Rachel Burke, Davenport’s assistant administrator, said it is Malden’s best kept secret.  “A lot of people know the building, but not what’s in the building,” she  said. For 73 years, the Davenport has been a non-profit residential home for Malden senior citizens, while preserving the mansion’s centuries-old architecture and the culture it represented. The Salem Street mansion was once the family home of the Davenports, Malden natives with vast political influence who opened the First Baptist Church near the home. Patriarch A.H. Davenport founded the Davenport Furniture Company, which supplied furniture to famous clients, […]