ELECTION 2019: Questions for the Candidates: Week 1 of 5 – Transparency

By Prisco Tammaro The 2019 elections in Malden are approaching. The Municipal Election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019. To provide Malden voters with information, Neighborhood View will run a series of “Quality of Life” questions and answers with the city council and mayoral candidates.  Suggestions for questions were provided via Facebook on a Malden (MA) Politic’s poll; 10 questions were formulated by the moderators in consultation with Neighborhood View and sent to all  candidates. Each candidate was given 150 words to respond to each question. Every effort was made to reach out to every candidate. Today’s two questions focus on issue of public meetings and government transparency.  QUESTION 1: PUBLIC MEETINGS Would you support a plan and provide resources to have Committee of the Whole, Subcommittee and License Board meetings be live streamed and archived for the public?  MAYOR – Incumbent – GARY CHRISTENSON Not only would I support such a plan, but as chair of the Municipal Building Committee for the new City Hall, I have made it a priority to […]