Rally calls for racial equity in Malden schools

By Minh Do Recent Malden High School graduate Birukti Tsige never had a teacher of color throughout her 10 plus years in the Malden public schools.  To draw attention to this disparity, Tsige helped organize a rally on July 9 in Malden to push the city to hire more teachers of color. About 40 people gathered outside the superintendent’s office at Malden High School, listened to speakers and then marched two blocks to the mayor’s office, where they also met with Mayor Gary Christenson in his office. Afterwards, the group rallied further down the street outside the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. In total, according to rally organizers, nearly 100 protesters took part in the rally throughout the day. “I’ve been in the Malden school system since I was in second grade and I have three younger siblings that are coming in,” said Tsige. “I’ve never had a black teacher and I don’t want that for my siblings.” The rally, organized by Malden Community Organizing for Racial Equity (MaldenCORE), called for comprehensive reform […]


SUM studios officially launches space for “interconnected” artists and musicians

By Minh Do Malden now has a new space for studios that will be dedicated to artists and musicians looking for places to showcase their arts or to blast out rehearsals without the neighbors complaining. On June 12, SUM Studios, located at 730 Eastern Ave, officially opened with a gala launch day. Visitors accessed SUM Studios through a small road through the parking lot, leading to a garage door-like entrance. Bob Logan, the director and music producer of SUM studio, greeted visitors and attendees included Malden Mayor Gary Christenson. Logan shook hands with guests and led band members to the practice rooms in which they would be playing for the mayor later. “Most of our members have been experienced players in the Boston music scene for a while,” said Logan, who founded SUM studio with his bandmates after the closure of the EMF building in Central Square where he was the building manager. Logan and his colleagues, including band members and artists who previously used the EMF facility, moved to the new SUM studio location. […]