Malden’s ILC Theater puts on a show

Malden’s Immigrant Learning Center Theater class recently hosted a performance event. The class is a unique learning experience for English for speakers of other languages in which conversational English is mixed with personal storytelling and sharing of participant’s experiences. This allows people to share their stories about coming to America, improves their English proficiency, and shines a light on the importance of immigrants to the community. The performance mixed humor and striking theatrical performance with moving personal experiences to make for an entertaining story and an intrigued audience. ILC has always been a safe and creative space to park dialogue about Immigration and its importance to our community while handling the voices of the people who have experienced it first-hand.


Multicultural Day at Malden High

In partnership with Stock Pot Malden, a new local company that promotes multicultural food entrepreneurs, the Malden High School Multicultural Club put on a beautiful display of diversity and community in their food and music festival this April. This third annual event was attended by Mayor Gary Christenson, Congresswoman Katherine Clark and State Senator-elect Jason Lewis. The guests, who came in impressive numbers, were able to enjoy performances by local artists and MHS students which included an African dance medley, a self-choreographed dance which mixed Asian and Western music, and traditional Mexican dancing in costume. This was followed by an elaborate buffet of foods from around the world prepared by local chefs in competition for various prizes. Stock Pot Malden recently opened its newly renovated commissary kitchen on Pearl Street. For more information visit Councillor Neil Kinnon, Emily Gouillart of Stockpot Malden and Mayor Gary Christenson. Photo from Click HERE to see a preview of Malden High’s Multicultural Day to be featured in full on MATV.

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MATV REWINDS: Flashback to 2002 wedding

In honor of its 25th anniversary, Malden Access Television has been airing programs from one quarter of a century of archives. The idea is to reconnect the community to local history in a creative way. A wide variety of topics and shows have made their way into this “Rewinds” series — to run though late August. One such program is the first ever live wedding of Malden locals Cathy and Jian on Valentine’s Day of 2002. The Chinese themed wedding included traditional music, explanations of decor and symbols, a candle-lighting ceremony and speeches from guests. The bride showed off traditional Chinese dress as well as a typical white gown provided by a local business — just one way in which this wedding mixed cultures from different sides of the globe in a beautiful display of what Malden and its history is all about. To view the full wedding and learn more about MATV Rewinds and programming, visit and tune in to its Public Access channel. –Suzanne Hishmeh