Neighborhood View Sports Update 5-9-14

As long as a team is still playing their season, there is always another story. Now an update on the Malden sport stories we’ve brought to you so far in May here at Neighborhood View: Update for: Put Me in Coach Interview with Martin Horkan from 5/1/14: The Mystic Valley Regional Charter School Eagles lacrosse team, led by Coach Marty Horkan qualified for the Division 3 State Tournament with their 9th win of the season over Greater Lowell. The Eagles also clinched the Commonwealth Large Conference with their 10th victory of the season over the New England Vocational Tech Knights. The Eagles continue their formula for success as the players of Coach Horkan defeated the students of Mr. Horkan, who besides being the boy’s lacrosse coach at MV is also the chemistry teacher at NE Vocational. The Eagles next take on Whittier Vocation at home on Friday 5/9. Update for: NCAA Spring LAX Tournaments Include Malden Athletes Pt. 1 of 2 from 5/5/14: Springfield College defeated Western New England at home by a […]


NCAA Spring LAX Tournaments Include Malden Athletes Pt. 2 of 2

So continuing with NCAA spring tournament participants (see NCAA Spring LAX Tournaments Include Malden Athletes Pt. 1 of 2) Malden has one son playing in the NCAA Division II lacrosse tournament: Blake Ferry, who was a 2013 captain of the Malden Catholic Lancers boy’s lacrosse team where he was named a Catholic Conference All-Star and played all four years, will play for his Limestone Saints. They will host the Queens University of Charlotte, NC. in the first round of the tournament for the South Region at home in Gaffney, SC on May 10th.  Blake is a Freshman Midfielder with 3 goals and 1 assist this season, standing 5’10” and majoring in Business Administration. Limestone is making its fifteenth NCAA tournament appearance. NOTE: Based on research there are currently no Malden Men’s DI or Women’s DI – DIII players in the NCAA Lacrosse Tournament in 2014. If you have a Malden sports story others might like to hear don’t hesitate to contact Erik Royds, Neighborhood View Citizen Journalist at    


NCAA Spring LAX Tournaments Include Malden Athletes Pt. 1 of 2

So it’s time for the NCAA spring tournaments. For those who don’t know, NCAA stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which is the athletic arm of colleges all over the country. That of course begs the question “Erik, why do I care? Malden doesn’t have a college.” While this is true, Malden does have sons and daughters playing in NCAA tournaments. First Up: Men’s Lacrosse DIII Malden has two sons playing in the NCAA Division III tournament: Dom Roberto, who was the 2010 captain of the Malden Catholic Lancers boy’s lacrosse team and a Boston Globe 2009-2010 Catholic Conference All-Scholastic, will play for his Springfield Pride when they host Western New England at home at Springfield College in Springfield MA on May 7th.  Roberto is a Senior Midfielder with 11 goals and 5 assists this season, standing 5’9” and majoring in Sports Management. Springfield is making its sixteenth NCAA tournament appearance after capturing the NEWMAC conference championship on Saturday May 3rd. Springfield was ranked 15th in the country going into the season. Evan Dolber, […]


Put Me in Coach Interview with Martin Horkan

Put Me in Coach goes beyond the weekly scores of high school and youth sports in the city of Malden and focuses on the coach who drives that group, team or individual. That leader who brings out the best the player has to offer their sport. This month we sit down with Coach Martin “Marty” Horkan of the Mystic Valley Regional Charter School Boys Varsity Lacrosse program, or the MVRCS boys LAX coach for short. A little background on lacrosse for those who haven’t had an opportunity to see it. It’s been called the “fastest game on two feet.” It’s an outdoor contact sport played on a field 110 yards long and 60 yards wide. There are two teams composed of 10 players plus a goalie on the field per team. The players wear protective gear consisting of a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, and an athletic protector. There are no leg pads. The stick, or “crosse” is a metal shaft of varying lengths with a head consisting of a woven net. The 5 oz. […]


Savor the city’s ‘Dine in Malden’ restaurant offerings

The Malden Restaurant Association’s marketing campaign, “Dine in Malden, Taste the World” which targets the MBTA’s Orange Line commuters, is hungry for an upgrade. Food for thought? Not so fast. While waiting at the Malden Center station, the sight of the vibrant sign conjured up visions of many multicultural cuisine options open for exploration. With my curiosity piqued, I typed the words into my phone and the first choice that came up was the City of Malden’s website.  It then directed me to a listing, in alphabetical order, of the numerous dining options one has, along with its appropriate website, for those establishments that have one. The issue? Four of those listed on the site–Biryani Park, District 7 Pub, No. 9 Ale House and Nonni’s Pizza–are no longer in business … at least here in Malden. However, I was excited to learn that Ferry Street Food & Drink, formerly the site of No. 9 Ale House, will be opening shortly. Join me in the upcoming weeks as Neighborhood View’s restaurant correspondent. I will “Dine in […]


Breathtaking art at ‘Malden Reads’ event

Malden Public Library’s Converse Building served as a stunning backdrop to the “Malden Reads” kick-off celebration on Thursday, February 20. Did you know that the awe-inspiring art collection was financed by shoe tycoon Elisha Slade Converse and his wife? Not only did Converse pay for the ornate building, he left $50,000 after his death in 1904.


‘Malden Eats’ heads to Tornado

The “Malden Eats” dinner celebration heads to Tornado Restaurant & Lounge (2 Florence St.), a fairly new Malden restaurant serving “Asian-inspired tapas,” on Tuesday, April 8 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $20. Call 781-388-3988 and reference the “Malden Reads” event. Two of the co-owners, Shanie Leung and Jenny Le, met at Malden High more than a decade ago. The duo saved their pennies from after-school jobs to open up their dream restaurant. And, yes, the name was inspired by Malden High’s “Golden Tornadoes” mascot. Sounds like a perfect storm.