Need a bike ride? Choose green or yellow

By Nekita Lamour Has anyone noticed the yellow and green bikes appearing throughout Malden? Originally, they were clustered on Pleasant Street, at the Malden train stations, along the Northern Strand Bike Trail and at other key locations. A little over one week later and you can spot them all over the city, now often parked in front of houses and apartment buildings. These bikes are the result of a pilot bike-sharing program, instituted by the City of Malden. The city has made arrangements with bike-sharing companies, Ofo and LimeBike, which  “each offer users a station-free biking experience,” according to the city’s web site. Ofo has the bright yellow bikes and LimeBike has lime green bikes. Thanks to the efforts of Councilors Ryan O’Malley, Councilor-at-Large Debbie DeMaria, and Mayor Gary Christenson, Malden residents can ride these bikes at the reasonable fee of $1 per hour, for transportation, or exercise or just for the joy of a bike ride. “Many constituents have expressed the desire to having bike sharing in Malden like we see in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and […]