An honest conversation of Ferguson and beyond

On Saturday, December 13, 2014, Mai Du, of Wah Lum Academy in Malden, brought a call to action from the community.  Du hosted a forum entitled An Honest Conversation of Ferguson and Beyond.  She wanted teens and children to speak their thoughts on the happenings of late, and to get more involved. The group of about 75 people consisted of teens, younger children and adults.  The program was facilitated by a group of teens. In the beginning, large blank papers were placed around the room for participants to place stick-ums on, according to categories ie. Fears, Hopes, Questions, etc. The leaders reviewed what had happened in Ferguson, with the known facts.  Then participants were given a pre-determined subject to discuss in small groups of 5 or 6. People were grouped with diverse ages, races and ethnicities.  The groups were given about 20 minutes to discuss among themselves.  Then, all joined again in the large group to share what came out of the small groups.  These groups met 3-4 times with different questions, and would again […]