Officials denounce sexual and gender-based violence at “Stand With Us” event

By Diti Kohli City and court officials gathered on the sunlit steps of the Malden District Court on March 19, proudly adorned with petite white ribbons, to denounce domestic and sexual violence. Through a clamored array of “I do’s” and nods, each official pledged to use their position to prevent these crimes and bring justice to victims.   “We promise to be part of the solution in ending violence against women and all gender-based violence,” said Mayor Gary Christenson in a statement he read to the crowd. The “Stand With Us” event coincided with the annual state-wide White Ribbon campaign, pioneered by Jane Doe Inc., Massachusetts’ coalition against sexual violence and domestic abuse. It aims to involve men in the unending fight against violence. Malden’s Department of Community Outreach and individuals within the district court worked collaboratively to organize Tuesday’s event. Mayor Christenson and the City of Malden advertised the gathering on Twitter in an effort to rally residents to participate in the pledge alongside authorities. However, no outside individuals attended. In a conversation on […]


RESPOND highlights domestic violence in Malden

By Jennifer McClain A vigil to highlight the problem of domestic violence was held Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017 in the newly built Malden Police station’s community room, a place created to make the police more “accessible and transparent,” in the words of Malden Police Chief Kevin Molis. The vigil was held by the domestic violence agency RESPOND in collaboration with the Malden government, Malden police and the Malden Zonta club. “Today’s vigil is certainly a time to reflect and remember those who have lost their lives but it is also a time to raise awareness on this topic,” said Malden Mayor Gary Christenson, one of the officials and community leaders who attended.  Christenson praised RESPOND for being  “a pioneer in the movement to end domestic violence.”  RESPOND “is New England’s first domestic violence agency and the second oldest in the nation,” the mayor said. Christenson also said it was important to recognize the successful joint effort of the Malden Police force and the community organizations in concert with local Malden city government. Christenson noted that, in […]


Is violence against women linked with other violent crime?

By Jennifer McClain The March terrorist attack in Westminster in London raises the question:  Is there a connection between domestic violence and lone wolf terrorism attacks?   The wife of Khalid Masood, the perpetrator in the Westminster attack, was reported to have fled his violent attacks. Or consider the recent shooting of Steve Scalise [requires NYT subscription], the majority whip of the House of Representatives, by a man who had been  involved in several acts of domestic violence. Attacks on female partners are often viewed as an issue of “domestic violence.”  In June, Malden was shocked by the case of  Malden resident, Ryan Power, who is accused of strangling his girlfriend, Leah Penny, a mother of seven, in her home with a dog leash. Power had been previously arrested for pushing Penny, the mother of his two children, to the ground.  Likewise James T. Hodgkinson, the accused Steve Scalise shooter, had been arrested for  attacks against women, including his girlfriend and his daughter.   Domestic violence is not only a serious problem but may be a predictor of future […]