Malden Public Library’s historic gates restored

The Malden Public Library’s historic wrought-iron gates have been restored  to their original condition and returned to the Salem Street entrance where they have enclosed the walled garden, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, at the front entrance, since 1911. They were designed by Ludvig Sandoe Ipsen, purchased in 1910 from a $1,000 donation from Mrs. Lillie A.B. Hill of Malden and produced by W.A. Snow Iron Work, Inc.  L.S. Ipsen, decorative artist, was born in Denmark and a graduate of the Academy of Architecture in Copenhagen.  He arrived in Boston around 1867 and eventually moved to Malden. Expressing himself most famously in the decorative arts and illustration, Ipsen was most noted for his book covers, book titles and book plates according to The American Bookmaker, July, 1886.  His illustrated work of “Sonnets from the Portuguese,” by E.B Browning (Tribner & Co.), was described as having been decorated “with exquisite draughtmanship and engraving and designed with taste and grace such as we rarely find surpassed” by The Athenaeum Journal of Literature, Science, The Fine Arts, Music […]


TV SHOW: “What’s New? Malden” for August

In the August edition of Neighborhood View’s What’s New? Malden: See what’s on tap at Idle Hands Craft Ales,the new brewery and taproom that just opened up on Commercial Street. Travel back in time with “Classic Diners of Massachusetts” author and local expert Larry Cultrera. Learn about about a hair art event by Raw: Boston artist Shannon Leigh slotted for August and go on the hunt for Picachu in Malden thanks to the latest Pokemon Go craze. Co-hosts Sharon Fillyaw  and Sam Baltrusis from MATV’s Neighborhood View talk about hair, diners and Pokemon Go in this monthly TV show. The monthly program airs 6:30 p.m. Fridays, Noon Saturdays and 7 p.m. Sundays on MATV’s Channel 3 on Comcast, 28 (Verizon).  


TV SHOW: “What’s New? Malden” for July

In the July 2016 edition of Neighborhood View’s What’s New? Malden: Satiate your sweet tooth with Malden’s newest shop on the block Hoff’s Bakery, stay safe this summer with tips from Malden’s former fire chief Jack Colangeli who will also chat about his Italian eatery Jack’s Ristorante. Did you know that Malden was a major player in the American Revolution? Get the lowdown. Also, Neighborhood View’s Liz Taegel talks about juggling her show “Release The Sounds” with the responsibilities of being a new mom. Co-hosts Sam Baltrusis and Sharon Fillyaw unleash the fireworks with the July 2016 edition of “What’s New? Malden.” The monthly program airs 6:30 p.m. Fridays, Noon Saturdays and 7 p.m. Sundays on MATV’s Channel 3 on Comcast, 28 (Verizon).


Celebrate Fourth of July weekend in Malden

The Malden Public Library will display the original and the newly digitized version of Malden’s town records from the Revolutionary war period. Featured will be the May 27, 1776 document entitled “Instructions of the Inhabitants of Malden, Massachusetts to their Representatives in Congress” unanimously voted on by the townspeople of Malden to be delivered to the Second Continental Congress via their representative Ezra Sargeant. In the 1776 communication, the voting citizens of Malden renounce the Colony’s ties to the Kingdom of Great Britain and set forth their wish to become an independent “American” republic. The document is credited as a precursor to the Declaration of Independence written in July of 1776 when the Continental Congress formally declared their independence from England. The original historical document will remain on display for viewing. On Friday, July 1 at 6 p.m. in the Malden Public Library’s front lawn, local historian and period actor Tom Coots will perform the second annual Reading of the town “Instructions.” Here’s Neighborhood View’s coverage from last year:


First Church in Malden is a historic loss

It’s a sunny Spring morning in 2016, and I’m standing outside the First Church in Malden under the shade of a budding tree. A butterfly flits into the sky toward the soaring steeple of the church, and I notice it’s sadly in need of repair. Looking at the facade, it’s hard for me to believe that this building is one of the last links residents have left to Malden’s founding fathers. The congregation of this church virtually “birthed” our present day Malden government and played a prominent role in the Revolutionary War, leading the colonies in support for America’s Independence from Britain. Harder still for me to believe is that anyone could allow this historic treasure to be destroyed. I’m at the church today to attend an estate sale being held before the building is scheduled for demolition later this year. The eighth “Meeting House” of Malden’s founders, this building is reportedly a replica of an earlier church and it will soon be replaced with apartment and retail/office buildings as part of the downtown revitalization […]


Lantern walk at Fellsmere Pond field on June 4

Wanna light a lantern for the future of Malden Hospital? Young Optimistic Daring Activists and Friends of Fellsmere Heights will honor the 100-year legacy of Malden Hospital with a lantern walk at Fellsmere Pond field, West Border Road and Savin Street in Malden this Saturday, June 4 at 6 p.m. The event will also mark the start of a campaign by Medford and Malden community members to give new expression to the legacy through the use of a portion of the 18-acre site for a range of much-needed community services. Activities will include lantern-making, face-painting and lighting sparklers. Featured speakers include representatives from Malden Hospital, Friends of Fellsmere Heights and Young Optimistic Daring Activists. For information and RSVP: 617-876-7442; Rain date is June 5.


Trail of Gears: Winslow’s journey to bike to the sea

The Pacific Ocean loomed just over the Santa Cruz Mountains about thirty miles away in California. Growing up in San Jose, Steve Winslow yearned to ride over the mountains to the coastline, but it never happened.  Later in 1989,  as a married couple, Helen and Steve Winslow moved from the bicycling nirvana of Davis, California to Malden as a most convenient place to commute to work in Boston.  Winslow recalls, “I remember trying to bike up Washington Street to Melrose and it was horrible.” The Winslows were appalled by the local horrendous biking conditions and the resulting lack of cyclists. It was time for change in their new community. Winslow explored the abandoned railroad bed running through Malden.  He followed it to where he could smell the salt marshes of Revere. Winslow reflects,“We are really close to the ocean and wouldn’t it be great to bike to the beach!” This would be such an easy and fun ride with a total elevation of 108 feet. But, the virtual challenging mountains of Malden, Everett, Saugus and […]


Malden’s 2.3 mile secret

Five hundred years ago, the streets we drive everyday in Malden were vast swampland dotted with rocky outcroppings and covered with dense forest. A wide, winding river cut through this hilly forestland and Indian tribes like the Massachusett could live safely under the cover of the forest and watch for enemies approaching up the river. Tidal salt water flowed into the river from the ocean and with it came abundant fish, shellfish and sea fowl, and the large furry animals which preyed on them, providing plenty of food and clothing for the Native Americans. In the 1600s a few brave Pilgrim settlers from Boston found their way up the river and realized its value. The river provided a quick means of travel, alewife, blueback herring, oysters and clams could be found in the tidal stream and salt flats, the soil was ripe for planting and the trees that grew thick along its shores provided timber for building cabins. According to The History of Malden, 1633-1785, by Deloraine Pendre Corey (1899), the Native Americans in the […]


Malden featured in author Sam Baltrusis’ ’13 Most Haunted in Massachusetts’

Listen up guys and ghouls! Neighborhood View’s Sam Baltrusis, author of the new book “13 Most Haunted in Massachusetts,” writes about the things that go bump in the night. He assembled a motley crew of the state’s most paranormally active in a show airing on MATV at 7 to 9 p.m. the last three Fridays in October. He also penned a book perfect for the Halloween season. Score tickets to the book launch on Oct. 20 or Oct. 27. Here’s an excerpt: Malden is a city with an inexplicably large number of wayward spirits and residual hauntings. Sure, it’s not a typically haunted city and deviates a bit from the Lizzie Borden or Salem witch city norm. However, there’s a historical legacy that’s often overlooked by ghost hunters and para-celebs. It’s also an easy Orange Line train ride from Boston and my home in Somerville’s Assembly Row. During the winter, I was covering an event in the old wing of the historic Malden Public Library. The well-preserved throwback to the gilded age was recently featured […]


End of an era as Malden’s historic Ruderman’s building is torn down

Michael Young stands at the podium in the moments before the bidding begins at the Antique Co-op and Auction House on Eastern Avenue on May 23. As he speaks into the microphone the crowd before him goes silent, “At this very moment the old Ruderman’s is getting torn down,” says Young. “Head on down there this afternoon for a commemorative brick – it’s the end of an era.” After years of vacancy the Ruderman’s building at 42 Ferry St. has indeed been torn down.  The last business to lease the space left in 2011.  For years the building has stood with locked doors and newspaper lined windows, its fate uncertain. A CVS will be constructed where the old Ruderman’s once stood.  CVS currently operates in three distinct locations in Malden: Pleasant Street, Eastern Avenue and Broadway. Neither an exact date for start of construction nor a projected open date for the location have been publicly announced.  There has been neither confirmation nor denial of speculation that this CVS may serve as a replacement for the […]