Election 2017: Questions for City Council Candidates: Malden River and Water Quality

The 2017 Malden City Council elections are approaching. The Municipal Election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017. A preliminary election on Sept. 19 determined the final candidates. To help Malden voters decide on which candidates to support, a group of citizens organized by Prisco Tammaro, a Malden resident, in partnership with local media,  developed a series of “Quality of Life” questions for City Council candidates. The questions were sent to the candidates in August with instructions on how to respond. The questions ranged from issues of affordable housing to development, grant writing and bike trails. Neighborhood View will run the answers to these questions every Friday for the next two  weeks. This week’s question is about the Malden River and water quality. Question 1: Would you support creating a waterfront park/boardwalk system along both sides of the Malden River? Question 2: What actions by the City would you support to improve the water quality of the storm water that is discharged through the city’s storm sewer system into the Malden River/Fellsmere Pond [Mystic Watershed (West)] and […]