No more frozen food for Malden High School

In recent years, First Lady Michelle Obama has been working on lunch programs to help improve the way kids eat all across the country. It has reached Malden, and a new lunch program was introduced, tackling the issue of “no more frozen food” for the students. The new program is run by a private company named Whitson Culinary, that was chosen by Superintendent of Malden Public Schools Dr. David DeRousi. The lunches are weekly chosen by the two chefs that run the program and the plates vary in taste and origin, from Mexican nachos to American burgers to Italian pizza. The program is “committed to providing wholesome,  high-quality menus, prepared fresh daily from locally sourced ingredients whenever available and in season.” as said by the Whitson Company website.  One of the most liked features by the students at Malden High School is the salad bar. Although the company was not sure they would have enough people to work at the bar and assist all the students, Principal Dana Brown convinced the team to bring the salad […]