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The cross section between visual art and music, for classical pianist Yelena Beriyeva, is in many ways second nature. “What is in common between [visual] artists and musicians is they all get to create,” Beriyeva said. In the spring of 2016, visual artists came together to attend a performance of classical composer Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition.” From the artists present at the workshop, and many more, over 40 inspired pieces of visual art were born. On Nov. 5, 2016 at Jenkins Auditorium at Malden High School, Beriyeva performed the renowned “Pictures at an Exhibition” to the backdrop of all the work created from the artists using the music as inspiration. The interesting part is Mussorgsky’s piece, Beriyeva said, was first inspired by visual art. With the passing of an artist friend, Mussorgsky wrote “Pictures at an Exhibition” through the careful study of his late friend’s artwork. “[Mussorgsky] basically dedicated this piece to a friend he lost to a sickness,” Beriyeva said. “We did it in the reverse. We tried to paint based on music.” […]


Maldonians take part in Boston Women’s March

The day after the inauguration, Maldonians recognized each other as they traveled the subway to congregate with an estimated crowd of 175,000 at Boston Common followed by a march for unity, in protest of the new president and anticipated policy changes. On Jan. 21, 2017, many Maldonians rallied at the Boston Women’s March for America, representing their families and community groups.  People packed the MBTA Orange Line cars at Oak Grove and Malden Center.  They admired each other’s signs, took photos, shared smiles and geared up for the day. On the train platform, Helen Weitz said she was there to march against President Donald Trump’s disrespect towards women and other cultures.  She expressed shock at the electoral results and that attending the march was for self-healing. Maria David, another protester, agreed with Weitz’s comments. “I don’t agree with his politics or rhetoric. That has angered me.  But, I don’t want to be angry.  I want to move past that. I am hoping that this march helps us to unite and become more of a healing […]


Pop-up store expands hours till Christmas

Have you been to Malden’s Pop-up Artist Marketplace? If not, be sure not to miss out on seeing a remarkable collection of artwork and crafts from over 52 artists displayed in an artfully designed retail space, which literally “popped up” on December 9th! The pop-up marketplace at 480 Main Street in Malden will be open December 21 – 23 (Thursday – Friday) from noon – 8pm and Saturday, December 24 from noon – 5pm. Many of the participating artists will be present at the store on Thursday, from 6 – 8pm for a public reception. The store holds handmade and artistic treasures for sale that include woodworking, pottery, paintings, jewelry, clothing, CDs, books, candles, cards and many other items, all from local artists and crafters from Malden and beyond. Items run from very high end to very affordable. The pop-up store has become not only the place to shop for gifts and special items for sale, but a place to mingle with other people who are interested in art and creativity. Performances for local artists […]


Malden “Pops Up” for the Holidays

There’s a new pop-up shop opening for the holidays—Malden’s own “Local Artist Marketplace” featuring handmade crafts, artwork and artisan specialties. The initiative is called “Malden Pops Up!” and the community-based organizers extend an invitation to their grand opening on December 9, 2016 at 480 Main Street. The storefront is in a high traffic area, just around the corner from the Malden Public Library. This remarkably collaborative effort involved citizen artists and city officials working with the owner/developer of 480 Main Street to support the local arts community and make this creative activity possible.     According to Ose Schwab, “Chief Instigator” of Malden Creates, LLC, one of the team’s organizers, the plan was a grassroots initiative. “It began with an email from local artist Lisa Sears, who saw a clipping in the Observer about the empty commercial space at 480 Main. She shared it with her artist friends and suggested how nice it would be to have an art center or gallery there.” The idea resonated with other arts activists and was floated to Ryan […]


Malden High School welcomes Principal Ted Lombardi

During the early spring of 2015, Lawrence High School Principal Ted Lombardi was strolling down his school’s empty hallway when his phone received a SchoolSpring alert of a high school principal opening. Lombardi appreciated these alerts not as a job search, but as an administrator’s news feed of job transitions in the state. This alert plucked a familiar chord since Lombardi vaguely knew Malden High School’s Principal Dana Brown.   Lombardi flagged a fellow educator who knew the Malden School District very well.  “Did you know that Dana Brown is leaving Malden High School?” The quick reply, “yes, he decided last year”, resonated with Lombardi. Lombardi continued on for another thirty feet down the hallway, when he heard the fellow educator banter,  “You are going to apply for that position, right?” Lombardi stopped in his tracks and spun around,“I don’t know. I haven’t updated my resume in a decade.” Lombardi thought to himself, “ I love Lawrence and plan to continue working here for years.” Lombardi has been teaching or leading at the Lawrence Humanities […]


Councilor Debbie DeMaria challenged by petty politics

Was the intent to keep incumbent Councilor-At-Large Debbie DeMaria off the November 3 ballot when the executive director for the Massachusetts Republican Party Brian Wynne and Malden Attorney Michael Williams filed a last-minute complaint with Malden’s city clerk, the Board of Registrar of Voters and the city solicitor?


Negotiations continue to secure funding for Housing Families and Youth Harbor

Laura Rosi, director of housing and advocacy for Housing Families, Inc. (HFI) of Malden presented the increased need for funding to the legislators at the State House on June 2. Rosi was accompanied by Kelly Irving, case manager, Rhonda Dunn and Clarissa Thomas, recipients of assistance from HFI.  Joining were Sam Margolius, of Youth Harbor, and Cyril Fonrose, who was helped by Youth Harbor. Youth Harbor assists homeless, unaccompanied high school students with housing and individual life skills in order to become self-sufficient.  There has been a request for $2 million put into the budget.  Margolius thanked Senator Lewis for the support.  Youth Harbor has not had public funding before. For the record, there are an estimated 5,000 homeless, unaccompanied high school students in Massachusetts. Fonrose told his story of being left on his own as a teenager.  He was in Malden High School and was referred to Margolilus, the high school representative of Youth Harbor.  Margolius was able to help Fonrose get housing and assisted him with college admissions. The group first met with […]


‘Elder Lobby Day’ advocates for home care for seniors

“Home Care First” was the chant heard in the halls of the Massachusetts State House as a coalition of advocacy groups stood in solidarity urging state lawmakers to restore funding to services that keep elderly citizens at home. Massachusetts faces an estimated $1.5 billion deficit in the 2016 fiscal year’s budget. Since the budget cannot be officially approved with this deficit, some painful cuts necessitate the balancing of the budget. Advocacy groups for older Americans such as Mass Senior Action Group, AARP Massachusetts, Mystic Valley Elder Services and Mass Home Care made it clear that significant cost savings had already been made by providing home-based care services to elder citizens as opposed to putting them in extremely expensive nursing facilities. Community care programs like home care have reduced nursing facility costs by $853 million in 2015 compared to costs in 2000 – all due to 34 percent reduction in the number of patient days in institutions. There are an estimated 10,000 empty nursing facility beds today because of community alternatives. The per capita use of nursing […]

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Martin Luther King, Jr. luncheon draws crowds year after year

The North Shore Black Women’s Association held its 22nd Annual Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Luncheon Saturday, January 17 at Anthony’s in Malden. In the spirit of Dr. King’s legacy, eight community members were honored for accomplishments that embody his ideals, passion and commitment to service. This year’s honorees were: Silvia Banos of Malden Senior Community Center, Reverend Robert L. Gray of Bethel A.M.E. Church in Boston, Reverend Sharyn Halliday of African Methodist Episcopal Church, Karen Colón Hayes of the Office of Mayor Gary Christenson, Mei Hung of the Chinese Culture Connection, Habiba Idrissi of the American Association for Arab Women and Malden Teen Enrichment Center, Gloria Salazar of the Malden Latino Council, and Reverend Dr. Milton L. Thomas, Sr. of New Life Christian Ministries. Neal Anderson, Ward Seven Councilor of Malden, hosted as master of ceremonies leading the crowd in singing “Lift Every Voice and Sing (The Black National Anthem)” and “We Shall Overcome.” Full of highlights like the liturgical dance performance by local community members Tara Mukasa and Markita Latimer, and music […]