Salem Wolves featured on “Release the Sounds”

March’s featured artist over at Release the Sounds is Salem Wolves. This three-piece from the North Shore delivers fuzzy, loud, punchy pop in rhythms ranging from finger-snappers to sultry throbs.  They’ve been in a steady flourish of activity since their formation in the winter of 2014, releasing singles on their label, MegaHex Records, and playing constantly in and around Boston. Release the Sounds is so glad they were able to stop by the studio to play for us. Stop on by the Release the Sounds’ YouTube Channel and check out Salem Wolves’ excellent set! For more Salem Wolves in the very near future, listen to Pipeline! on Tuesday, March 15 on WMBR (88.1 FM Boston-Cambridge) from 8-10 p.m.  The show is archived so if you miss it you can search em and hear their stuff even after the fact.  The internet is so great. Speaking of the internet, clickity click below for more of their stuff: http://salemwolves.com http://salemwolves.bandcamp.com –-Liz Taegel, Producer of Release the Sounds