EXCLUSIVE: Former Tri-CAP exec goes on record

While attending the annual Martin Luther King Jr. luncheon sponsored by the North Shore Black Women’s Association, Neighborhood View spoke candidly with Phillip Bronder-Giroux former executive director of Tri-City Community Action Program, Inc (Tri-CAP) and asked if he would be willing to go on record as only he could concerning his Tri-CAP departure and the agency’s possible closing. Fortunately, Bronder-Giroux agreed to an interview which in our opinion should silence the many whispered rumors that have been circulating throughout the Metro-North area. Tri-CAP is an anti-poverty agency for Malden, Medford, Everett and surrounding towns. They have been providing services to the area for 36 years. When asked what happened, Bronder-Giroux said the agency overspent their budget by approximately $500,000 and that the agency was “probably too lean at the top.” It wasn’t fraud by the executive director or anyone else in the agency as some have alluded. They have been functioning in the red for a number of reasons, namely: Tri-CAP employed a very capable comptroller who had been with the agency for more than […]