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Students enjoy zumba taught by Anna Maria Amigo at the Malden Senior Center. (Photo by Anne D'Urso-Rose)

by Sabrina Monteiro

When asked to describe Anna Maria Amigo’s Zumba class, students from the Malden Senior Center enthusiastically provided the following responses.

“She smiles from beginning to end and motivates you. She makes people want to be there,” said Huan Chun Chen. 

“She’s a special instructor and she’s so nice. She really takes care of everyone,” said Flavia Fu. 

“She’s probably the best teacher I’ve ever had whether it’s exercise classes or anything. There have been some really good instructors there, but nobody like her,” said Marie O’Neill. 

Amigo’s class is one of many activities and programs provided at the Malden Senior Center. These include traditional Chinese Tai Chi, Sparta strength training, yoga, dancercise aerobic, knitting & crocheting, gentle stretching, and so much more. Anyone at the age of 60 and older can participate. 

Anna Maria Amigo (left, in red) leads a zumba routine at the Malden Senior Center. (Photo by Anne D’Urso-Rose)

The classes fill up more and more each week as students continuously share their experience with friends, especially in regard to Amigo’s class. Aside from Malden residents, people from Winchester, Everett, Melrose, and other nearby communities also take part.

Amigo has only been a Zumba instructor at the Malden Senior Center for a year, but has been teaching since she was first certified in 2009. Although she was born in Chile, Amigo discovered her passion for dance after living in Venezuela for many years. Amigo uses more than just her voice to communicate with her students since they’re made up of many nationalities. “They learn to follow my body and it amazes me.” 

Of the 12 classes she teaches per week in different areas, two of them are held at the senior center on Wednesdays. The first class is from 12:15 to 1:00 p.m. standing up, utilizing a combination of dance with aerobics. The second is from 1:00 to 1:45 p.m. sitting down, which involves some dance movements and stretches utilizing a chair. Amigo says that “both formats have been very popular among this population.” These classes are referred to as “Zumba Gold” because they’re designated for seniors. 

The center is committed to helping seniors stay active and enthusiastic. The programs have proven to be enjoyable for seniors while also benefiting their health. As Amigo says, age shouldn’t restrict people from exercising, dancing, or enjoying a nice workout. “I want to make them feel like they can; and they really can.

“When I get older I don’t want anyone telling me I can’t do anything.”

The Malden Senior Center is open Monday – Friday, 8am – 3pm. Membership is free and classes (which require membership) are free. You can find schedules and more information on their Facebook page. Stop in to the facility at 7 Washington St. in Malden or call them at 781-397-7144.

Play the video to get a little taste of Zumba Gold!

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