maldenMalden Access Television (MATV) initiated a citizen journalism project in 2014.

Through this initiative, MATV trains and supports local citizens to cover subjects and issues in their own neighborhood through writing and reporting and using simple media tools such as mobile phones and social media. Citizens will be trained to upload their stories to

Stories can include text, audio only, still photos and/or video clips.

The program is intended to tie in with the 2014 Malden Reads book selection “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot, herself a science journalist who brought to light an important person and issue through her curiosity and reporting.

Citizen journalism is intended to move citizens of a community into action around issues, events and initiatives facing them in their own community.

It’s about engagement through research, eyewitness accounts and reporting, with the intent of making our communities better informed & our citizens more active participants.

There is much vitality and many new initiatives happening in Malden as well as problems and issues.

This project is intended to get community members to discover and report on them. If you know you’re interested in becoming a Citizen Journalist in Malden, email Anne D’Urso-Rose at

High School students create video about Malden’s first mayor


  1. Looks like this is geared to be competition to Malden Patch. What will differentiate this site? Other news sources in Malden have tried this in the past and have not worked out so well.

    • Hello! Great question. The difference is that Neighborhood View is spearheaded by MATV members, and not a media conglomerate. Contributors from the community will have access to training and editorial guidance. Cambridge’s CCTV is running a successful community journalism site called NeighborMedia. So, it seems to be a great fit with public access stations. It is truly a grassroots project and is already generating a strong response. Hope to see you on Monday at the meet and greet.

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