Can the Oak Grove Community Building be saved?

The Oak Grove Community Building [OGCB] stands tall with weeds surrounding the building and trash and a tire in the driveway. A cardboard sign is taped to the front door with the words, “NO MEETING HERE TONIGHT.” When you hear the word community, what comes to mind? How you answer that question speaks volumes about  what Malden means to you and in particular The Oak Grove Community Building. It’s doors are closed and is awaiting a decision from the Architectural Access Board (AAB) regarding its future. Many Malden residents have one question, can the Oak Grove Community Building be saved?  As a member of the Oak Grove Improvement Association I certainly hope so. Built in 1928, the Oak Grove Community Building has been available to Malden residents for close to 85 years. Residents and civic groups  have held meetings, performances and many special events at the historic site.  The Mayor and Ward Councillor have held Public Safety Awareness Meetings in the community building. Carol Melle, current President of the Oak Grove Improvement Association [OGIA] said that the association […]