Could Malden become a “pocket of civility” in an uncivil country?

The recent midterm elections have highlighted prime examples of the dark side of American politics — the lack of civility in political discourse. Today,  political debates among candidates, pundits and even around the dinner table too often turn into shouting matches, name calling and insults. Social media has become a new frontier for ever-more-appalling  insults. Compromise, once the backbone of American politics, has gone the way of the passenger pigeon. As long-time Malden resident Pamela DeGroot lamented on a Facebook post,  “First time in my 69 years that I am scared about the future of America …” Citizen journalists for Malden’s Neighborhood View decided  to examine the  issue of civility and and explore the question: Just what does it take to be polite or kind in uncivil times? MATV reached out to the community via Facebook by posting a question:  “How do YOU feel about the tone of civil discourse today?” Maldonian Adam Goodwin responded:  “It certainly feels like civil discourse is a lost art…discussion of any political or sensitive topics and can only be strengthened […]