Malden High School Students vow “Never Forget” at New England Holocaust Memorial

By Lori Ardai and Fern Remedi-Brown with editorial assistance from Marilyn Andrews Just after school began this fall, Malden High School students received a lesson about history — a lesson in how to keep history alive. The lesson began with a painful  reminder of prejudice.  Twice this summer the New England Holocaust Memorial was vandalized. Each time, one of the panes of glass with numbers representing the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust was shattered. Many Malden High School students expressed concern and dismay over both acts. Their concern was heightened by the timing of the second act of vandalism on Aug. 14, which followed the violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the report that the alleged perpetrator was a 17-year-old Malden male. This infuriated many students of all cultures. The vandalism quickly became a subject of discussion for both the History Club and the school newspaper, The Blue & Gold. The students decided that they needed to take action. So a group began working with Greg Hurley, lead history teacher at Malden High School, […]