MALDEN’S CHEFS: Ferry Street Food & Drink cycles with the seasons

When you see an old English Raleigh three-speed with a basket of flowers on the handlebars and chalkboard that reads  “Open” you’ll know you’ve arrived at Ferry Street Food & Drink. Pull the large wooden door open and you will find a room filled with warm, amber light reflecting off of golden wooden panels and an old map of Texas, birthplace of Jason Ladd, head chef and co-owner. Ladd recalls, “I discovered cooking as a deep love when I was a very young lad, my teen years, and stuck with it ever since.”  Ladd was influenced by the Tex-Mex cooking of his homeland that you can taste in his signature dish, pork meatballs with cheddar grits in barbecue sauce.  He uses a combination of cumin, cayenne, and ground chile peppers and is ever refining his barbecue sauce. In his travels and work, he was influenced by the tastes of many places.  The southwest, French creole and cajun is expressed in the jambalaya, and in the Louisiana cajun dish, shrimp and grits.  House-made linguine with milk […]