Malden featured in author Sam Baltrusis’ ’13 Most Haunted in Massachusetts’

Listen up guys and ghouls! Neighborhood View’s Sam Baltrusis, author of the new book “13 Most Haunted in Massachusetts,” writes about the things that go bump in the night. He assembled a motley crew of the state’s most paranormally active in a show airing on MATV at 7 to 9 p.m. the last three Fridays in October. He also penned a book perfect for the Halloween season. Score tickets to the book launch on Oct. 20 or Oct. 27. Here’s an excerpt: Malden is a city with an inexplicably large number of wayward spirits and residual hauntings. Sure, it’s not a typically haunted city and deviates a bit from the Lizzie Borden or Salem witch city norm. However, there’s a historical legacy that’s often overlooked by ghost hunters and para-celebs. It’s also an easy Orange Line train ride from Boston and my home in Somerville’s Assembly Row. During the winter, I was covering an event in the old wing of the historic Malden Public Library. The well-preserved throwback to the gilded age was recently featured […]