Air Traffic Controller’s Dave Munro is flying high

How many major rock bands have you heard about lately who have roots in Malden? Probably not many. Air Traffic Controller, or ATC, is fronted by Dave Munro, who was born and raised in the Salemwood neighborhood of Malden and graduated from Malden High School. I met with him recently at Hugh O’Neill’s  in Malden Square, a fitting place for our conversation. As he sipped on a bourbon-beer he was curious about, an Irish band played (loudly) in the background. Munro’s older brother, Jeff, still lives in Malden and he organizes the Wednesday Open Mic nights here and books the bands that play on Thursday nights. Munro is an affable and thoughtful guy. He apologizes for running late for our meeting and when he arrives he warmly greets the waitress as they chat about his brother and what’s been going on at Hugh O’Neill’s. As the band’s name would suggest, Munro actually worked as an Air Traffic Controller for six years– first in the Navy, then in the civilian arena. All the while, he kept busy […]