Air Traffic Controller’s Dave Munro is flying high

How many major rock bands have you heard about lately who have roots in Malden? Probably not many. Air Traffic Controller, or ATC, is fronted by Dave Munro, who was born and raised in the Salemwood neighborhood of Malden and graduated from Malden High School. I met with him recently at Hugh O’Neill’s  in Malden Square, a fitting place for our conversation. As he sipped on a bourbon-beer he was curious about, an Irish band played (loudly) in the background. Munro’s older brother, Jeff, still lives in Malden and he organizes the Wednesday Open Mic nights here and books the bands that play on Thursday nights. Munro is an affable and thoughtful guy. He apologizes for running late for our meeting and when he arrives he warmly greets the waitress as they chat about his brother and what’s been going on at Hugh O’Neill’s. As the band’s name would suggest, Munro actually worked as an Air Traffic Controller for six years– first in the Navy, then in the civilian arena. All the while, he kept busy […]


From China to Malden with hope

Shirley Liu is 32 years old and originally from Beijing, China. She earned her undergraduate degree in Beijing University with a degree in Agriculture. After she had worked for several companies and experienced different positions, she found out that she had a passion for education. Liu didn’t like the Chinese education style and wanted to explore more advanced education. Then, she gave up her family, her boyfriend, her high-waged job and decided to move to Malden in America. Liu first went to EF English School, then transferred to the CSI Language school. In the meantime, she also signed up for some classes at Bunker Hill such as psychology. She has been an assistant teacher for a Chinese class in BHCC; been a democracy coach for middle and high school students and multi-generation citizens. After she got her start in the American education system, she felt American students were very independent and realistic. Liu is here not only here for study but also for enlarge her views. She is a persevering and outgoing woman. She loves […]


An honest conversation of Ferguson and beyond

On Saturday, December 13, 2014, Mai Du, of Wah Lum Academy in Malden, brought a call to action from the community.  Du hosted a forum entitled An Honest Conversation of Ferguson and Beyond.  She wanted teens and children to speak their thoughts on the happenings of late, and to get more involved. The group of about 75 people consisted of teens, younger children and adults.  The program was facilitated by a group of teens. In the beginning, large blank papers were placed around the room for participants to place stick-ums on, according to categories ie. Fears, Hopes, Questions, etc. The leaders reviewed what had happened in Ferguson, with the known facts.  Then participants were given a pre-determined subject to discuss in small groups of 5 or 6. People were grouped with diverse ages, races and ethnicities.  The groups were given about 20 minutes to discuss among themselves.  Then, all joined again in the large group to share what came out of the small groups.  These groups met 3-4 times with different questions, and would again […]


Favorite holiday greeting from the community?

Wanna get into the holiday spirit? Individuals, organizations, community groups and local businesses participated in MATV’s annual “Holiday Greetings from the Community.” The greetings will play on MATV throughout the holiday season. Have a favorite holiday message? Tune into MATV and respond in the comments section below with your pick. Meanwhile, check out Neighborhood View’s favorite greeting of the season below:


VIDEO: Annual Parade of Holiday Traditions 2014

On Saturday, November 29 starting at 2 p.m., hundreds of children and families from Malden gathered for the annual Parade of Holiday Traditions. The parade lined up along Waite Street Extension and traveled up Maplewood Street. It then turned left onto Salem Street. The parade ended at the viewing stand at Malden High School. Maldonians followed their yearly tradition of the Salem Street pre-parade stroll securing the perfect spot. The parade kicked off at 2 p.m. in 2014, four hours later than the traditional 10 a.m. start time of years past. Many nations, local organization and celebrations were represented at this year’s parade. Malden High School band, Triangle, Malden Girl Scouts, Malden Boy Scouts, Bread of Life, Outreach Community and Reform Center, Junior Aid Association of Malden, Bike to the Sea, Malden Public Library and many more.If you missed the parade … grab a cup of cocoa, sit back and enjoy the show. Happy holidays! –Elena Martinez


More from Malden’s Faulkner neighborhood

Want to know more about Malden’s Faulkner neighborhood? Given that the city’s parades often march through Salem Street, I’m sharing some of the businesses and other views that may have been missed during the seasonal marching festivities. Salem Street is home to many businesses owned by the ethnic community of Malden. There are beauty shops, convenient stores, music and nutrition centers, boutiques and clothing stores. Faulkner area of Salem Street is also home to two medical facilities such as Malden Animal Hospital and a podiatry clinic, Daly Footcare. WOW Barbecue and J&R Caribbean Restaurant located on the corner of Wolcott and Salem are the most recent businesses. Take a look at these pictures and enjoy the commercial view of the Salem Street. part of Faulkner. — Nekita Lamour. Photos Copyright© Elizabeth Scorsello 2014.


Solup’s Shoe Case’s legacy lingers in Malden

After 50 years of selling shoes at 130 Pleasant St., Solup’s Shoe Case has closed its doors.  People came from far and wide to purchase from the large variety of shoes and receive quality shoe repair.  In a time of inferior, mass-produced products, Herb and Faye Solup offered shoes from high-grade companies to adults and children.  Herb was known for taking pride in his products and readily sharing his knowledge.  He took the time to make sure the shoes fit properly and helped the client choose a shoe that would work for their individual needs.  He cared about his customers and the shoes that he sold. Five storefronts at 130 Pleasant St. are now vacant to make room for luxury apartments.  Solup’s Shoe Case and Firmani the Tailor were businesses that gave over 100 years of excellent service to the citizens of Malden.  Maybe we, the citizenry have to ask ourselves: What kind of Malden do we want? -Elizabeth Scorsello with a special thanks to Cath Moore Photography Copyright Elizabeth Scorsello 2014


Malden High goes green with ‘Shrek’

Based on the DreamWorks movie, “Shrek,” the ogre, rescues the princess and they fall in love.  Don’t miss the largest musical in the past 20 years produced by the Malden High School Play Production Class.  It’s being performed by 60 kids and two faculty members that are backstage, onstage and in the band.  Great show for all ages. Sean Walsh – Director Todd Cole – Music Director Allen Phelps – Tech Director Miranda Libkin – Choreographer Four performances: Thursday 7:30 p.m., Friday 7:30 p.m., Saturday 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Character meet-and-greet Saturday 12:30 p.m. $5 students/seniors, $8 adults, kids under 5 free Buy tickets at the door or main office. –Photos by Elizabeth Scorsello

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Happy holidays from Neighborhood View

The oh-so-jolly team of citizen journalists from Malden’s Neighborhood View recorded their holiday greeting at Malden Access TV (MATV) tonight. Individuals, organizations, community groups and local businesses are encouraged to share the spirit of the season in a professionally produced holiday message. Reserve your spot to record a greeting in MATV’s annual “Holiday Greetings from the Community.” The greetings will play on MATV throughout the holiday season. You can also request an electronic link to your individual greeting that can be shared on social media.


MATV Gallery’s Zhang unveils sketch of Malden’s mayor

The MATV Gallery is exhibiting the work of Ming Huang Zhang, a participating artist in this year’s Window Arts Malden through January 2015. Zhang hails from China and immigrated to the United States in 2011. Zhang recently sketched Malden’s mayor Gary Christenson. The finished sketch will be on view at the artist’s gallery reception from 6-8 p.m. on Wednesday, December 10. Click here for Neighborhood View’s profile on Zhang and his breathtaking work.