Malden hosts 8th Annual New Citizens Ceremony

“I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom, or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen … “ So begins the Oath of Allegiance that is recited at every Naturalization Ceremony for new citizens of the United States. These ceremonies can take place in nondescript federal office buildings, large convention centers or symbolic places like Ellis Island, a national park, or a national historic site. But here in Malden, there is an annual tradition of naturalization, begun in 2011, and spearheaded by The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc. (ILC). The annual ceremony was first held at the Malden Senior Community Center, but has since moved to Malden High School. On Nov. 19, 2018, the annual ceremony naturalized 171 new citizens, who filled the center section of rows in the Jenkins Auditorium. “This ceremony allows us to make an important contribution to our community,” said Diane Portnoy, ILC Executive Director. “Even though more than one-third of Malden […]


Enough: Malden High walks out to advocate for gun control

A day later than anticipated, but with no less enthusiasm,  students from  Malden Public Schools walked out of class on Thursday, March 15,  to highlight the need for action in the wake of the tragic shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Feb. 14. At about 10 a.m., students assembled in front of the entrance to the high school’s Jenkins Auditorium and heard speeches by fellow students. The walk-out was originally scheduled for Wednesday, but due to snow, the schools were closed. Thanks to social media, student organizers regrouped and held the walkout on Thursday. Angela Soliz, a junior and one of the event organizers, told her fellow classmates that the NRA’s influence was in fact making them all unsafe. “What about the right to live?” she asked. Meghan Yip, a senior and also one of the event organizers, said her life can be measured by the  mass shooting at schools. She turned 18 on March 1; she  noted that two  weeks prior, while Malden was sharing Valentine wishes, 17 lives were […]


Malden Reads kickoff celebrates reading, collaboration and community

For the first time in the eight-year history of the Malden Reads program, the 2018 kickoff event was held at Malden High School on Feb. 15. Usually staged in the Converse Memorial Building of the Malden Public Library, the kickoff emphasized the intergenerational nature of the book choice, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, a young adult novel that can be enjoyed and appreciated by all ages. The Malden Reads committee collaborated with the student-run Black Culture Club at Malden High School to host an event that was inclusive and celebratory as well as profoundly moving, challenging and inspiring, which reflected the book’s topical themes. “One of the things that I think is really exciting about this joint venture between Malden Reads and the high school is the way it’s showcasing student voice and issues that are relevant to students, starting some great conversations among students, educators and community members,” said Sean Walsh, Malden High School English teacher and Drama Director, who was involved in the collaborations. The event featured exhibit tables from a […]


Malden High School Students vow “Never Forget” at New England Holocaust Memorial

By Lori Ardai and Fern Remedi-Brown with editorial assistance from Marilyn Andrews Just after school began this fall, Malden High School students received a lesson about history — a lesson in how to keep history alive. The lesson began with a painful  reminder of prejudice.  Twice this summer the New England Holocaust Memorial was vandalized. Each time, one of the panes of glass with numbers representing the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust was shattered. Many Malden High School students expressed concern and dismay over both acts. Their concern was heightened by the timing of the second act of vandalism on Aug. 14, which followed the violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the report that the alleged perpetrator was a 17-year-old Malden male. This infuriated many students of all cultures. The vandalism quickly became a subject of discussion for both the History Club and the school newspaper, The Blue & Gold. The students decided that they needed to take action. So a group began working with Greg Hurley, lead history teacher at Malden High School, […]


Wonder where she came from?

By Jennifer McClain She has one foot in the past and one foot in the future. Her past is a combination of Greek myth and Amazon speculation. Her future is traveling three thousand per hour on an invisible plane, wielding a “magic lasso” that non-violently compels obedience and she uses science for medical healing. Wonder who she is? Wonder Woman — the super heroine who debuted in DC Comics in 1941, who had her own TV show from 1975-1979,  and who took theaters by storm this summer in a blockbuster movie. But who was her creator? He was also a man with one foot in the past and one foot in the future. His past was as a student of the Malden High School. Did he possibly study mythology in one of his classes? His future was “to fight for liberty & freedom for all women kind” through Wonder Woman. He watched the suffragists and used their imagery in his stories. He knew Margaret Sanger when she was a proponent of birth control and still […]


Malden High School welcomes Principal Ted Lombardi

During the early spring of 2015, Lawrence High School Principal Ted Lombardi was strolling down his school’s empty hallway when his phone received a SchoolSpring alert of a high school principal opening. Lombardi appreciated these alerts not as a job search, but as an administrator’s news feed of job transitions in the state. This alert plucked a familiar chord since Lombardi vaguely knew Malden High School’s Principal Dana Brown.   Lombardi flagged a fellow educator who knew the Malden School District very well.  “Did you know that Dana Brown is leaving Malden High School?” The quick reply, “yes, he decided last year”, resonated with Lombardi. Lombardi continued on for another thirty feet down the hallway, when he heard the fellow educator banter,  “You are going to apply for that position, right?” Lombardi stopped in his tracks and spun around,“I don’t know. I haven’t updated my resume in a decade.” Lombardi thought to himself, “ I love Lawrence and plan to continue working here for years.” Lombardi has been teaching or leading at the Lawrence Humanities […]


Farewell to Malden High’s principal Dana Brown

Malden High School’s outgoing principal Dana Brown was selected as the Massachusetts Principal of the Year by the Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators Association (MSSAA). Here’s an excerpt from a press release from MSSAA: “This program annually recognizes principals who demonstrate exemplary skills in instructional leadership, supporting a safe learning environment and fostering a collaborative culture of decision making among members of the school community. Mr. Brown will receive the 38th Bertram H. Holland Award at the annual MSSAA Leadership Institute at the Hyannis Resort and Conference Center on July 27, 2016. Mr. Brown has created a collaborative culture at Malden High that bases all decision-making on a simple question; “Is it good for students?” Youngsters come to Malden High with a variety of learning styles. In addition, some come as parents, part-time workers or newly immigrated. Attending to all students takes creativity, hard work and patience.” –MSSAA For just a few moments, I waited in the Malden High School Boyle conference room for Principal Dana Brown to arrive. The stark walls, devoid of distractions, shared […]


No more frozen food for Malden High School

In recent years, First Lady Michelle Obama has been working on lunch programs to help improve the way kids eat all across the country. It has reached Malden, and a new lunch program was introduced, tackling the issue of “no more frozen food” for the students. The new program is run by a private company named Whitson Culinary, that was chosen by Superintendent of Malden Public Schools Dr. David DeRousi. The lunches are weekly chosen by the two chefs that run the program and the plates vary in taste and origin, from Mexican nachos to American burgers to Italian pizza. The program is “committed to providing wholesome,  high-quality menus, prepared fresh daily from locally sourced ingredients whenever available and in season.” as said by the Whitson Company website.  One of the most liked features by the students at Malden High School is the salad bar. Although the company was not sure they would have enough people to work at the bar and assist all the students, Principal Dana Brown convinced the team to bring the salad […]


Multicultural Day at Malden High

In partnership with Stock Pot Malden, a new local company that promotes multicultural food entrepreneurs, the Malden High School Multicultural Club put on a beautiful display of diversity and community in their food and music festival this April. This third annual event was attended by Mayor Gary Christenson, Congresswoman Katherine Clark and State Senator-elect Jason Lewis. The guests, who came in impressive numbers, were able to enjoy performances by local artists and MHS students which included an African dance medley, a self-choreographed dance which mixed Asian and Western music, and traditional Mexican dancing in costume. This was followed by an elaborate buffet of foods from around the world prepared by local chefs in competition for various prizes. Stock Pot Malden recently opened its newly renovated commissary kitchen on Pearl Street. For more information visit Councillor Neil Kinnon, Emily Gouillart of Stockpot Malden and Mayor Gary Christenson. Photo from Click HERE to see a preview of Malden High’s Multicultural Day to be featured in full on MATV.