Malden’s Lincoln Commons in bloom

Park_promoLincoln Commons was originally the site of the small, two-acre farm of Levi P. Nichols.  In 1897 the Lincoln Junior High was built in its place until it was razed in 1998.  The park is located on Cross St. between Bryant and Henry Streets on 4.3 acres.

According to Landscape Architect, JP Shadley, of Shadley Associates, who designed the park,  it was given by the City of Malden partly as compensation for the loss of Ferryway Green (also known as Newman Park).  It recalls the work of Frederick Law Olmsted’s firm at Ferryway Green and other Malden parks rich in this heritage.

The community asked for an “Olmsted-inspired” landscape as a way to heal from the loss.  JP Shadley said, “In response, I used the flowing paths, rolling topography, defined seating areas, and irregular, naturalistic plantings to all contribute to achieving that goal.”  The relics of reliefs once imbedded in the school’s facade have been encased into commemorative walls along with its motto, “Enter to learn – Depart to serve.”

–Elizabeth Scorsello with a special thanks to JP Shadley

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