MUSIC: Malden’s ‘Live on the Lawn’ music series

5oclockshadowThe Malden Public Library kicked off  the “Live on the Lawn” summer concert series on Wednesday, July 9.

The first band to perform was Five O’clock Shadow, an a cappella group from Boston. The group has been singing together since 1991.

Five O’clock shadow performed several great hits and were a joy to watch. They were also a humorous group and liked to joke around. Five O’clock shadow debuted a new song for the people of Malden (see clip here). Even though they were only there for an hour, it was an amazing time.

The acoustic vintage jazz and blues trio, Outrageous Fortune, are coming to town to perform on July 23. The group performs jazz, blues and jug band music. On August 6 and the 20 there will be more live performances on the Malden Public Library lawn … so stay tuned. –Dimitry Legagneur

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