Never Got Caught featured on “Release the Sounds”

Wow. Feel that heat? Memorial Day, the unofficial beginning of summer, has come and gone but that’s not what I’m talking about. June’s featured artist, Never Got Caught scorched Studio A when they dropped into Release the Sounds. Brothers Bryan Hinkley and Bill Hinkley have roots in the notable Boston hardcore band Tree (all puns definitely intended) but eventually wanted to explore a darker sound. They added Dave Ward on guitar and Jesse Sherman (former Malden resident!) on bass to round out their current lineup and set off playing shows and writing more songs. Those songs grew into albums and now they have been together for over four years. After playing a loud and tight set that included exclusive songs from their upcoming third studio album, they spoke with host, Liz Taegel about the new album, gave some Malden shout-outs, and how rude looking at your phone is during an interview! Look for them at Great Scott on July 16 and they’ll even be featured in a short documentary film about the Hinkley brothers called […]


SEBIO featured on “Release The Sounds”

It’s a new month, which means Release the Sounds is featuring a new local band. For May, we have SEBIO in our studio. SEBIO (SEE-be-oh) is a four-piece band that has been together for just over a year but they sound like they’ve been together since high school. Stephan Nordgren is the driving force behind the currently-available EP, In Hardwood Groves, writing and playing the instruments in the recordings. James F. Forbes, the guitarist, met and connected with Stephan in a Craigslist transaction that went very right for once (details in the episode). James brought bassist, Erica Belden, and drummer, Brett Pieper, into the mix to round out the performing lineup. Their atmospheric and driving set takes us on a continuous journey of peaks and valleys which finally concludes with a chugging, anthemic climax. The chemistry of the band is undeniable on stage and off. We find out more about them in a fun curbside interview in the May edition of Release the Sounds. Up next for SEBIO is some quality time writing and recording. […]


Ian Cat and the Crimsons on “Release The Sounds”

Liz Taegel, from MATV’s Neighborhood View, unleashed the second installment of her indie-rock music show called “Release The Sounds.” The monthly program, airing on MATV (Comcast 3, Verizon 28) every Wednesday at 10 a.m. and Saturdays at 8 p.m., spotlights regional musicians handpicked by Taegel. Ian Cat and the Crimsons features Ian Laczynski, Tom Larney and Matt Jones. Here is a clip of Ian Cat and the Crimsons on “Release the Sounds.”