The Malden Writers’ Collaborative fosters the art of writing

William Shakespeare was a member of a writing group that called themselves “The University Wits,” Dorothy Parker was a member of “The Vicious Circle”  which later became known as “The Algonquin Round Table.” Although no one from The Malden Writers’ Collaborative (TMWC) has come close to reaching that level of fame and notoriety, TMWC has helped writers of all levels further their craft. As their annual public reading draws near (May 29, 2014 at the Malden Public Library), Neighborhood View sat down with Evangeline Vickery , the founder and facilitator of the group to talk about “fostering a writerly community among aspiring writers with a focus on workshopping and the study of craft.” Originally from Manlius, New York, Eva makes her home in Malden with her husband, her cat, and her string instruments. During the day she’s the Office & Accounts Manager for Reuning & Son Violins but the rest of the time she calls herself a writer.  “I’ve been writing for most of my life. I recently went through a box of old school papers from my […]


New Restaurant: Ferry Street Food & Drink

Malden’s newest kid on the block? Ferry Street Food & Drink located at 118 Ferry Street. Shannon and Jason Ladd, the owners of the city’s newest restaurant, warmly greeted their guests as they entered the door on May 21. Soon after choosing a small, high table by the full-length open window a cool easy, relaxed atmosphere was felt matching the breeze that seeped thru the large screened picture window. The largest of the two rooms encompasses the bar with duo, flat-screen televisions for the sports enthusiasts as well as several high-top tables and plenty of room for those soon to be regular customers. Several small pots of fresh herbs such as Lavendar, German Thyme and Spicy Globe Basil sitting atop a shelf add charm to the area — so do the multiple license plates from the State of Texas. The smaller room contains booths as well as tables. Take your pick.  You will be very pleased that they as well as you have arrived. This “gastro pub,” which refers to a bar and restaurant that specializes in […]


Maple syrup made in Malden? Sweet.

MATV’s Anne D’Urso-Rose reflects on the making of maple syrup at her home in Malden. The sight of metal buckets on snow-outlined trees is the familiar image of maple syruping in Canada, and rural Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Plastic Poland Spring bottles on a tree in urban Malden—not so much. But at my house at 90 Bowers Ave., you’ll see them every few years. My husband, Steve Rose, lovingly pursues the craft in intervals long enough to forget just how much work it is to make even a small amount of maple syrup. The process is simpler than one might think. All you really need is a maple tree and a place to boil the sap. Since the process takes so long, it’s pretty impractical to do all the boiling inside, so an outdoor fire pit really helps. Of course, you need enough fuel to keep the fire going—for days. Yes, it takes days. Fuel, in the form of pine tree branches and logs, we had in spades this year. Which is why Steve […]


City of Malden passes ball to Miller Park

Blighted Miller Park lost bid for $1,000,000 federal grant but city funds bring new hope. The City of Malden has awarded the much-needed funds to bulldoze and renovate Miller Park. Four steel girders topped with a roof of cinder block that became a massive lean to for drug dealers will soon be razed and replaced with trees, plants and pathways with painted hopscotches. The unrecognizable remnants of a vandalized tot lot exchanged for new playground equipment and one of the few remaining basketball courts in the area will be completely refurbished. The neighborhood will reclaim its long needed park that many had feared entering and a new green space will belong to the community. Originally called Harvard St. Park, it was renamed for YMCA outreach worker Robert Miller who devoted himself to the neighborhood youth. The park abuts the Malden Housing Authority and single family homes. Located in the city’s poorest area, Miller Park began its slow decline from neglect about 20 years ago because of the lack of city funds. Unlike other areas of […]


Neighborhood View Sports Update 5-13-14

As long as a team is still playing their season, there is always another story. Now an update on the Malden sport stories we’re following  in May at Neighborhood View: Update for: Put Me in Coach Interview with Martin Horkan from 5/1/14: Coach Marty Horkan led his Mystic Valley Regional Charter School Boy’s Lacrosse team to a victory vs. Nashoba Regional on 5/13/14. Besides being the MV Eagles 13th win of the season, it is Coach Horkan’s 100th career win. Only 300+ more wins to catch up to hall of fame Coach Rick Mazzei. Congratulations Coach Horkan! Update for: NCAA Spring LAX Tournaments Include Malden Athletes Pt. 1 of 2 from 5/5/14: The Springfield College Pride was knocked out of the NCAA Div. III tournament in the 2nd round with a loss to SUNY Cortland 14-10 at SUNY Stadium in Cortland, N.Y. Malden’s Dom Roberto was held to 1 shot in the loss. Update for: NCAA Spring LAX Tournaments Include Malden Athletes Pt. 2 of 2 from 5/6/14: #1 ranked Limestone College […]


Confronting affordable-housing challenges in Malden

To say that the demand for affordable housing has increased since Malden’s strategic five-year plan (2010-2014) and its 2010 master plan were formulated would be stating the obvious. City, state and federal funding has been spent with good intentions and a number of positive results to “preserve” and “expand” affordable housing for Malden’s low- and moderate-income residents. With funding resources dwindling and the debate as to how those funds would best serve those in need,  it will have to be decided if temporary or permanent shelter is the way to go — although some school of thought suggests that window of opportunity has closed since millions have already been spent on temporary shelters. According to a December 2013 Boston Globe article by Megan Woolhouse and David Abel: “Record numbers of homeless families are overwhelming  the state’s emergency shelter system, filling motel rooms at the cost to taxpayers of tens of millions of dollars a year.  In the past five years, state spending on motels has exploded to more than $46 million from about $1 million […]


Neighborhood View Sports Update 5-9-14

As long as a team is still playing their season, there is always another story. Now an update on the Malden sport stories we’ve brought to you so far in May here at Neighborhood View: Update for: Put Me in Coach Interview with Martin Horkan from 5/1/14: The Mystic Valley Regional Charter School Eagles lacrosse team, led by Coach Marty Horkan qualified for the Division 3 State Tournament with their 9th win of the season over Greater Lowell. The Eagles also clinched the Commonwealth Large Conference with their 10th victory of the season over the New England Vocational Tech Knights. The Eagles continue their formula for success as the players of Coach Horkan defeated the students of Mr. Horkan, who besides being the boy’s lacrosse coach at MV is also the chemistry teacher at NE Vocational. The Eagles next take on Whittier Vocation at home on Friday 5/9. Update for: NCAA Spring LAX Tournaments Include Malden Athletes Pt. 1 of 2 from 5/5/14: Springfield College defeated Western New England at home by a […]


NCAA Spring LAX Tournaments Include Malden Athletes Pt. 2 of 2

So continuing with NCAA spring tournament participants (see NCAA Spring LAX Tournaments Include Malden Athletes Pt. 1 of 2) Malden has one son playing in the NCAA Division II lacrosse tournament: Blake Ferry, who was a 2013 captain of the Malden Catholic Lancers boy’s lacrosse team where he was named a Catholic Conference All-Star and played all four years, will play for his Limestone Saints. They will host the Queens University of Charlotte, NC. in the first round of the tournament for the South Region at home in Gaffney, SC on May 10th.  Blake is a Freshman Midfielder with 3 goals and 1 assist this season, standing 5’10” and majoring in Business Administration. Limestone is making its fifteenth NCAA tournament appearance. NOTE: Based on research there are currently no Malden Men’s DI or Women’s DI – DIII players in the NCAA Lacrosse Tournament in 2014. If you have a Malden sports story others might like to hear don’t hesitate to contact Erik Royds, Neighborhood View Citizen Journalist at    


NCAA Spring LAX Tournaments Include Malden Athletes Pt. 1 of 2

So it’s time for the NCAA spring tournaments. For those who don’t know, NCAA stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which is the athletic arm of colleges all over the country. That of course begs the question “Erik, why do I care? Malden doesn’t have a college.” While this is true, Malden does have sons and daughters playing in NCAA tournaments. First Up: Men’s Lacrosse DIII Malden has two sons playing in the NCAA Division III tournament: Dom Roberto, who was the 2010 captain of the Malden Catholic Lancers boy’s lacrosse team and a Boston Globe 2009-2010 Catholic Conference All-Scholastic, will play for his Springfield Pride when they host Western New England at home at Springfield College in Springfield MA on May 7th.  Roberto is a Senior Midfielder with 11 goals and 5 assists this season, standing 5’9” and majoring in Sports Management. Springfield is making its sixteenth NCAA tournament appearance after capturing the NEWMAC conference championship on Saturday May 3rd. Springfield was ranked 15th in the country going into the season. Evan Dolber, […]


Cinco de Mayo dinner in Malden

In the spirit of celebrating the multicultural food offerings in our own hometown, be sure to stop by Valley Taqueria Mexican Grill on the corner of Exchange and S. Washington Street. This Monday May 5 isn’t the official Mexican Independence Day — that’s actually September 16. However, Cinco De Mayo is meant to promote Mexican food, culture and traditions in the United States. This small, festive spot offers a wide variety of items on their menu — including authentic Mexican offerings. Catch a table out front under an umbrella or sit inside and enjoy salsa and chips while waiting to dine — perhaps top off your meal with plantains in honey. Serving breakfast lunch and dinner, there’s no excuse not to check out this charming spot to honor the day. –Heather McDonald