Malden Reads opener celebrates “The Martian”

The Malden Reads Opening Celebration on Friday, Feb. 19 was out of this world. Held in the historic wing of the Malden Public Library, approximately 200 supporters kicked off the season to celebrate “The Martian” by Andy Weir. Malden Reads, whose motto is “One City, One Book,” started in 2011 and features a new book every year. The hope is the community of Malden will read the same book and participate in community events and dinners that feature discussions of the book’s themes. The event attracted residents and readers of all ages, some first-time attendees, and others who have been coming for years and have consistently read the featured book. Those who hadn’t yet read this year’s selection, Andy Weir’s “The Martian,” seemed eager to pick a copy up at the library. Themed tables, thanks to supporters like the American Association of Arab women who spotlighted Arab contributions to math and science and the Russian Cultural Group’s nod to the Russian space program, welcomed guests to a spirited evening of food, conversation, laughter and disco […]


Demystifying Malden’s ordinance-making process

So, what really happens behind the Malden City Council’s blue curtain? Malden’s 2016 Rules and Ordinance Committee consists of five councilors: Chairperson Craig Spadafora, Vice Chairperson Debbie DeMaria and three other members including councilors Crowe, Kinnon and O’Malley Other councilors, city officials, interested parties and citizens may attend the meetings and often do.These meetings are governed by the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law. Issues before this committee impact the lives of Malden residents every day and in many ways. Photo: A number of residents attended the January 12, 2016 City Council Meeting. Vice Chair DeMaria cited a recent example to describe how “ordinance making” works: “Someone (e.g. Councilors, Mayor, City Official, or citizen) perceives a problem (e.g. replica guns pose a threat to public safety, as they can be mistaken for real guns with really bad results). They then ask a Councilor to propose an ordinance to address it. Someone drafts language (in the case of the replica gun issue it was the Mayor and Police Chief, but it could be the City Clerk, a City Councilor, […]


Joti Palace welcomes Malden Reads diners

Malden Reads is excited to announce the return of the Malden Eats Community Dining series.  We invite you to share a convivial meal, at the same time exploring themes related this year’s Malden Reads selection, “The Martian” by Andy Weir. You do not need to have read the book to attend. On Tuesday, March 8 at 7 p.m., join fellow Maldonians for a fun and relaxing meal at Joti Palace, located at 308 Main Street. Enjoy authentic Indian food in the heart of Malden Center on Main Street. Joti Palace features a wide variety of flavorful low-fat and gluten-free eats. The restaurant boasts a Thali menu, a fusion of Indian and Nepalese staples, including cold and hot appetizers, soups, combination dinners, special dinners and specialty rice dishes made from fresh, organic grown produce, meats and seasoning. Joti Palace has been an Indian food staple in Malden since 2000. In fact, they are celebrating their 16-year anniversary serving the community the day before the Malden Eats dinner. The menu for the March 8 dinner will include […]


Scenes from a holiday bazaar

The holidays may be long over but I’m left with a memory of a special event in my neighborhood, a pop-up (private) party featuring crafts from local artists in the basement of a home transformed into a Moroccan-style bazaar. On behalf of the seven artists that banded together to create this special event, I wanted to share photos and some video highlights that have not yet been shown to the public. Local artist and community activist Elena Martinez says it all started with a “WHAT IF moment.” She and local artist Bonnie Blanchard were discussing the lack of space where artists could collectively work together. As the holiday time approached, they were looking for venues to sell their work. They decided to hold a “pop-up” event in the basement of Bonnie’s home and invite guests to attend. It would be a small neighborhood event that would offer holiday arts and crafts for a two-day stint just before the holiday shopping frenzy began. It would also be a showcase for a handful of locally renowned artists […]


Interview with James Labbe, captain of Malden’s Salvation Army

James Labbe, captain of the Salvation Army located at 213 Main St. in Malden, talked with Neighborhood View‘s Richard Umbro on February 12, 2016. Here’s the interview: Our meeting was impromptu and rather brief. His handshake was firm and his demeanor was informal, yet sincere. My first question was a bit clumsy due to my inexperience and limited expertise in this type of venue. However, his presence had a calming quality and effect. UMBRO: The title, “captain,” before your name conjures up a military countenance. How was the name derived? LABBE: The term “captain” originates from the “Army of Salvationists.” It’s not to be construed as militaristic, only symbolic. The purpose and intent of the “army” was and still is the salvation of the poor, the destitute, the homeless, the hungry and those who have chosen the wrong path. The Salvation Army was founded in 1865, in the East End of London, England by an itinerant Methodist minister. He embraced a ministry for the salvation of thieves, gamblers, prostitutes and street people. His name was William […]


Re-envisioning community media in Malden

Sue Buske, a consultant for MATV and the City of Malden, gave an information-sharing presentation on community media centers across the country that incorporate the arts, art resources and nonprofit collaboratives. Buske, an experienced negotiator specializing in cable regulation and renewals, is looking at opportunities to re-envision the future of community media in Malden. Seeking community engagement, Buske is spearheading several focus groups to explore the future of cable service, community media and technology. The four focus groups will be held March 1-2 at various locations in Malden. These focus groups are part of the city of Malden and Malden Access TV’s cable franchise renewal process with Comcast. They provide a chance for interested community members to learn about franchise renewal and share their opinions about future services that could be available to the community through the Comcast cable system. By participating in the focus groups, community members can learn how the cable system works — and opportunities for the future; hear more about community media and public, educational and government access television in Malden; […]


“Inside Malden” with Ose Schwab profiles Sifu Mai Du

Mai Du, Founder and Sifu of the Wah Lum Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy in Malden, jokes that her American dream started out as a nightmare at Logan Airport. Only eight, exhausted from a long trip from Vietnam via the Philippines, she arrived with her family in the United States on Halloween night. Despite this spooky start, Du has established herself in the United States not only as a Vietnamese-Chinese-American but a nationally recognized youth organizer and activist, one of the few female certified Wah Lum Kung Fu instructors in the Greater Boston Area, Founder and Sifu of a thriving award-winning Kung Fu and Tai Chi academy in Malden, owner/teacher of a math and reading school, and founder of numerous local and national advocacy groups and coalitions. Learning and education, or as Mai puts it “sharing,” is a constant theme in all she does. Passionate about youth and education, she is what she calls others to be, “relentless in the work of instilling hope and inspiration in our younger generations so that they have […]


Anthony Savino featured on “Release the Sounds”

Providence-based artist Anthony Savino has been playing the guitar for about 14 years, and in that time he has developed a swift, craftsman-like fingerpicking style.  He has devoted much of the past decade to making and releasing original work, though his showcase with RTS features almost exclusively as-yet unreleased material, including a song which he wrote as part of the score for Spanish short film based on Jack London’s The Call of the Wild. His approach ranges from lively, gentle and bright as in Red Bird, to pastoral folk pacings that make me somehow homesick as in What You Read. New releases are in the works and soon to be added to his already extensive collection of albums and EP’s, available for listen, streaming and download HERE. Visit the Youtube channel for Release the Sounds HERE for more behind-the-scenes clips. Release the Sounds, airing on MATV (Comcast 3, Verizon 28) every Wednesday at 10 p.m. and Saturdays at 8 p.m., spotlights regional musicians every month.