From China to Malden with hope

Shirley Liu is 32 years old and originally from Beijing, China. She earned her undergraduate degree in Beijing University with a degree in Agriculture. After she had worked for several companies and experienced different positions, she found out that she had a passion for education. Liu didn’t like the Chinese education style and wanted to explore more advanced education. Then, she gave up her family, her boyfriend, her high-waged job and decided to move to Malden in America. Liu first went to EF English School, then transferred to the CSI Language school. In the meantime, she also signed up for some classes at Bunker Hill such as psychology. She has been an assistant teacher for a Chinese class in BHCC; been a democracy coach for middle and high school students and multi-generation citizens. After she got her start in the American education system, she felt American students were very independent and realistic. Liu is here not only here for study but also for enlarge her views. She is a persevering and outgoing woman. She loves […]