Welcome to Malden’s Faulkner neighborhood

bike_trail_viewA lot is happening around Malden. There’s renovation of Malden Square, new restaurants and the Malden Teen Enrichment Center. Some areas are better known than others. As a resident of Faulkner for the past 15 years, I will bring some highlights of the neighborhood I call home.

What area is actually the Faulkner neighborhood? Here’s Wikipedia’s geographical definition: “The Faulkner neighborhood is generally bounded by Ferry Street on the west, the City of Everett on the South, at Dell Street on the east and Salem Street on the north. A few of the streets north of Salem Street around Pierce St are sometimes considered part of Faulkner. My “coverage” will be around Salem Street from the Salemwood school area to Franklin Street.

Community_Garden_by_LizA lot had been done in the past 15 years in the area. A dilapidated, abandoned railroad had become a beautiful, well-maintained bike path. Community gardening is happening. A new building of the Mystic Valley Charter School and field had replaced a former Chevrolet car dealer and its garage. MVCharter_School Nice white bike crossing signs had been painted on the streets. Charles Ro, America’s largest toy and hobby train store is also located in Faulkner. There are many other stores in the Faulkner area and a brand new restaurant on Salem Street. We will discuss more of Faulkner commercial nature including the brand new Wow Barbecue restaurant in a future post.–Nekita Lamour Charles_Ro_outside_view

Photography copyright 2014 Elizabeth Scorsello

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  1. What is the large green colored area that reads Faulkner across it. It’s not a Google map but is a certified online map. Anybody know? It’s on the corner of Faulkner & Eastern, used to be a Fenced in car lot selling cars if memory serves me correctly.

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