More from Malden’s Faulkner neighborhood

bike_trail_viewWant to know more about Malden’s Faulkner neighborhood? Given that the city’s parades often march through Salem Street, I’m sharing some of the businesses and other views that may have been missed during the seasonal marching festivities.

J_&_R_Wolcott_&_WowSalem Street is home to many businesses owned by the ethnic community of Malden. There are beauty shops, convenient stores, music and nutrition centers, boutiques and clothing stores.


Faulkner area of Salem Street is also home to two medical facilities such as Malden Animal Hospital and a podiatry clinic, Daly Footcare. WOW Barbecue and J&R Caribbean Restaurant located on the corner of Wolcott and Salem are the most recent businesses.

Wow_barbeque_MaldenTake a look at these pictures and enjoy the commercial view of the Salem Street. part of Faulkner. — Nekita Lamour. Photos Copyright© Elizabeth Scorsello 2014.

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