VIDEO: Annual Parade of Holiday Traditions 2014

parade-icon-150pxOn Saturday, November 29 starting at 2 p.m., hundreds of children and families from Malden gathered for the annual Parade of Holiday Traditions.

The parade lined up along Waite Street Extension and traveled up Maplewood Street. It then turned left onto Salem Street. The parade ended at the viewing stand at Malden High School.

Maldonians followed their yearly tradition of the Salem Street pre-parade stroll securing the perfect spot. The parade kicked off at 2 p.m. in 2014, four hours later than the traditional 10 a.m. start time of years past.


Many nations, local organization and celebrations were represented at this year’s parade. Malden High School band, Triangle, Malden Girl Scouts, Malden Boy Scouts, Bread of Life, Outreach Community and Reform Center, Junior Aid Association of Malden, Bike to the Sea, Malden Public Library and many more.If you missed the parade … grab a cup of cocoa, sit back and enjoy the show.

Happy holidays! –Elena Martinez

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